26 July 2013

50 States Knitting and Crochet Patterns and Maybe Some Other Things

I have an email, that has 50 patterns for knitting across the United States. So this is still a good place, to share and to save the patterns.

Montgomery Scarf - knitting
Alabama Cloth
Montgomery Fingerless Mitts
Amigurumi Snowman and Friend - knitting
Alaska Short Socks
Alaska Dog Slippers
Alaska Cloth
Snow Queen Ruffled Bag - Crochet
Arizona Summers Necklace - beading
Arizona Cloth
Arizona Lace Socks
Arizona Scarf
Painted Desert Scarf
AZ Dusk Scarf
Little Rock Choker - this is beading
Arkansas Cloth
California Poppy Quilt - Quilting
California Cloth
California Spring Scarf
California Roll
California Ranch Afghan
Crochet Poppy
California Dreamin' Clog Socks
Denver Hat - Knitting
Colorado Columbine Flower
Colorado Cloth
Colorado Scarf
Autumn Leaves Afghan - knitting
Connecticut Cloth
New Haven Scarf
Peach Blossom Scarf  - knitting, aka Diagonal Baktus Lace Scarf
Entrelac Hat
Ponytail Hat
Finn's Hat Project
Fenwick Island Beach Jars - saving as I think the girls would have fun making these. This is not knit or crochet.
Florida Beach Skirt - crochet
Florida Cloth
Palm Tree Granny Square
Georgia Peach Afghan - crochet
Georgia Cloth
Georgia Peach
Georgia The Giraffe
Hawaiian Lei Wreath - Tissue Paper
Hawaii Cloth
Hawaiian Flowers
Potato Chip Scarf - crochet
Idaho Cloth
Violet Pin Crochet
Illinois Cloth
Navy Pier Beachy Wrap
Peony Wreath - tissue paper
Indiana Cloth
Peony Scrubbie
Bread Dough Rose Under Glass - dough and glass art
Iowa Cloth
Midwesterner's Slouch Beanie
Oz Inspired Hot Air Balloons - light bulb art
Hot Air Balloon Hats for babies - knitting
Kansas Cloth
Kansas Harvest Socks
There's No Place Like Home
Kentucky Blues Afghan - crochet
Kentucky Cloth
Kentucky Agate Hat
Magnolia Centerpiece - candle
Louisiana Cloth
Pinecone Wreath - Pine Cone Art
Maine Woods and Rivers Mittens
Maine Cloth
Bar Harbor Sweater
Black Eyed Susan Flower - Crochet
Maryland Cloth
Ocean City Waves Scarf
Bostonian Hat and Scarf - Knitting
Massachusetts Cloth
Detroit Lions Mascot - crochet
Michigan Cloth from Michelle
Michigan Lake Shore Socks
Michigan Mitts
Michigan Cloth by Rhonda
Mackinaw Island Fudge Afghan
3D Paper Star - Paper Art
Knitted Minnesota Winter Hat
Minnesota Cloth
Fiery Dragon Scarf
Minnesota Viking Hat
Mud Coffee Jacket - Felt
Mississippi Cloth
Grapes of Wrath Socks
Cardinal Christmas Wreath - wreath art
Missouri Cloth
Short Row Scarf
St. Louis Blues Scarf
Montana Winter Blanket - Fabric
Montana Cloth
Montana Scarf
Crochet Clematis Flower
Big Sky Scarf
Cow Skull Medicine Wheel - Stained Glass
Nebraska Cloth
Bling Ring button and beads
Nevada Cloth
Nevada Crochet Snowflake
New Hampshire:
Apple Pie Wreath - wreath
Apple Hat for babies - knitting
New Hampshire Cloth
Portsmouth Fireside Socks
New Jersey:
Neon Jersey Rug - crochet
New Jersey Cloth
Jersey Shore Beach Bag
New Mexico:
DIY Painted Mug Set - Painting
New Mexico Hexagons
New Mexico Cloth
New Mexico Navaho Lapghan
Desert Sunset Tote Bag
New York:
Tiny Apple Key Chain - crochet
New York State of Mind Hat
New York Cloth
New York City Apple Coaster
Broadway Baby Scarf
North Carolina:
Starfish Dish Cloth - crochet
North Carolina Cloth
First in Flight Baby Hat
North Dakota:
Prairie Star Crochet Afghan
North Dakota Cloth
Fun In Fargo Mitten Scarf Set
Carnation Pin Crochet Flower
Ohio Cloth
Ohio SuperFan Hat - from Life in Cleveland Blog
Christmas Gift Box - Paper
Oklahoma Cloth
Covered Bridge Mirror - Paint
Oregon Ball
Oregon Cloth
Oregon Hiking Scarf
Portland Boatneck Sweater
Amigurumi Easter Bells - Crochet
Pennsylvania Cloth
Pennsylvania Dutch Afghan
Hershey Wrap
Rhode Island:
Island Blues Choker - Beads
Sea Otter Amigurumi
Newport Rug
South Carolina:
Crochet Yellow Baby Blanket - crochet
South Carolina Cloth
South Dakota:
Southern Cross Afghan - crochet
South Dakota
Glitter Jean Jacket - fabric paint
Tennessee Cloth
Bronco Lantern - glass and paint
Texas Longhorn Cloth
Texas Cloth
Crochet BlueBonnet
Big Stitch Texas Rugs
Christmas in TX Afghan
Beeeautiful Bee Decoration - Styrofoam
Colorful Bee Hive Afghan
West Desert Hood - knitting
Utah Cloth
Mountaintop Wedding Scrapbook - scrap booking
Vermont Hat
Vermont Cloth
New England Hand Warmers
Nautical Sleeveless Shirt Crochet
Virginia Cloth
Old Dominion Afghan
Evergreen Topiary - topiary
Washington Cloth
Washington Square Cabled Scarf
Seattle Turban Headband
West Virginia:
Construction Paper Mountain Art
West Virginia Cloth
Charleston Cowl
Brie Shaped Soap
Wisconsin Winter Slippers - knitting
Wisconsin Dairyland Hat for child
Madison Scarf
Towel Ghosts - Towels
Knit Wyoming Cloth

Edited to add: States Wash/Dish Cloths site is not available. I don't know what happened, but she took it down. Sorry. The cloths were beautiful and well written, easy to follow and while I have some printed, I will not share those as they were copyrighted to her and I hope that she will one day put them back up for those of us who were wanting to make an afghan using the patterns. But I will hold onto my printed patterns.

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  1. Anything posted to the net can always be brought back. I know that Rhonda's site has been taken down, but this site will help you to find her wonderful state patterns. I loved these and had plans to make each of the states to make an afghan of the squares. So if you want to get to her wonderful patterns go to this link, the Wayback machine: https://archive.org/web/