16 July 2013

Getting Ready for Homeschooling

As I stated earlier, the girls will start homeschooling this year. We have been working on Summer Fun Online work for the girls and then we started working on the summer camps (Legos and Dinosaurs). They seem to be loving the classes. They have to share the computer to do the summer camps. But they are doing the homework and sharing the legos that we have (the ones that have not been eaten by a vacuum). In the mornings, we swim before the pool gets crowded and then we eat lunch and then start the work of getting ready to learn. My husband loves seeing them crowded around the computer learning.

While the girls are doing these classes, I am watching the videos for me to see what is happening. I am learning what I need to do to make homeschooling successful venture for this family. The girls are so excited to know that their boxes of school work are on the way and they cannot wait!

I love that we have flexibility. I love that we can work towards a day off through the week so we can go out and have a field day learning someplace new.

I also mentioned to my husband that how kids get socialized is through the parents. It is by the parents having friends who have children that they are able to get together with others. When the parents don't know the other parents that they do not get to be around kids their own age. I am hoping that through this I will be able to make some new friends, who will help my girls have friends to hang out with and play with and talk with and be social. I really do not worry about them socializing because, they have some good friends already and we do get together with some really good friends in the neighborhood.

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