13 July 2013

My Very Talented Friend

My friend, Elaine, is a very talented woman. She takes some beautiful photos and then can transform photos into something fun and quirky.

She and I both have a fun sense of humor and she posted something to her wall and I admired it and told her so, so she made one for me.

Then, for Christmas I was asking about the Grinch Photo. I love the Grinch. The Lebanon Horse and Carriage Parade has a Grinch (in the evening parade Grinch is in jail). So she created this for me:
Then, she posted something fun, where it looked like she had taken a large scene photo, but in reality it was a group of photos put together. She made one for me.

I love her work. She has so much fun with it.

Then, I have been finding patterns that have minions. Small minions, big minions and then hat minions. (You can search the labels for minions and you will find links). She likes minions and put up a fun picture. I commented again and so taking pictures of my girls and putting them strategically in the photo, I received this:
I love this! I will continue to have this one up for awhile!
Thanks, Elaine for sharing your wonderful work with me. I love these!

Photos are gifts to me from Elaine Kallmeyer-Oestreicher and may not be copied or used anywhere else! If you want something like this, contact me and I will help you get in contact with her.

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