17 July 2013

Ignored Children

I put this under the label of Abandoned Children because the grandparents may as well have abandoned the child. A young boy of about 5 or 6 years old, came to McDonald's to have a meal and play and his grandparents were ignoring him totally. I know this because when he called one daughter a horrible name, I told her to ignore him and play on. When he called another daughter another horrible name, I called them down. They continued to ignore this horrible little boy. I told my girls that they should just ignore him, play whatever they want and do not invite him to play with them. Since, his idea of playing is calling girls: "Fat Butt," "4-eyed Runt," (and she was bigger than him) and then the piece de resistance (the name calling that resulted in my calling attention to his behavior to his grands) "Little Pecker" (to two of my girls)! When I called out to them, they ignored all that was happening. I went over and got in their faces and nicely pointed out that their grandson was calling my girls rude names and gave them the names. The grandfather, says, "Not my grandson." I said, yes your grandson and this is final straw because this is the fourth time he has called them names. Then they reacted and called him down. He says, "I just want to play." They made him apologize, but it seems that they should have been paying attention so that my girls were not feeling bad by the time we left.

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