09 July 2013

Happy Birthday, Morgan

Today, my beautiful, oldest niece is 17! Where has the time gone. I can remember when she was a little tyke. She and I would sit in my room, making art and singing to music on the videos we watched together and she would be wearing one of my old t-shirts, so her clothing would not get harmed in our process.

I can remember one time, we were in my room, watching a video (I believe it was Pochantas) and we were singing with it. She liked a certain song and wanted to hear it over and over. I would rewind the video for her. Then I bought the cd so we could set it up to listen to just the music and play certain songs over and over. Another time, she was not allowed to watch tv (she was about 4) and our secret was that when her mom came up the stairs to see what we were doing, the cd would play. After, Missy had verified that the tv was not on. I would turn on the tv and we would watch the movie together.

I would buy things to make with her and in some cases, just for her. I know she doesn't have them any more, but we had fun. I don't know if she remembers those times at all. But I do and I cherish all the time we had together.

You were my first niece and I had the most time with you and I love you. Happy Birthday, Morgan!
Morgan is on the right.

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