22 July 2013

What's in My Knitting Bag(s)

So I read a few blogs (religiously) and see a few podcasts. One of them by the  Proverbial Knitter has where she shows what is in her knitting bag. My problem is that I have more than one bag. My bags are set up by what I am working on at present and what is easy to work on with others around.

One bag is my sock knitting. I have 6 skeins of yarn in this bag. 5 are sock yarn and one is the left over from the matador hat I made for a friend. It isn't very much, but I tossed it in, because I will use it on something else. 2 of the sock yarns have been used to make something already and these are just left overs. I think one will be enough for another sock, but the other is not. But I have found a pattern for a sock yarn scrap afghan. I have one that is in use and the sock that I am making (I am on the heel). Then I have 2 unused skeins of sock yarn. One will be used to make a pair of socks for my middle daughter and the other is for my oldest. So all told each girl will get the same amount of socks, but I have 2 sets for my oldest in the bag. I have a magazine. I just haven't put it away, more because I keep looking at the owl pattern. I have a book. I love to read, so I am carrying around a book from a library. I am trying to finish the book so I can return it. I have a Kindle in my bag. That is also, so I can read. I have a camera. I have that with me because I always have my knit bag (or 2) with me. I carry the camera with me all the time because you never know when a photo opportunity will occur or when you might finish a project and need to take a picture of it.

 I also have a package (or 3) or sock dpns (double pointed needles) and a package of size 7 dpns. There are pens, coins, stitch holders, crochet hooks, and something to hold my hair back.

In my repurposed makeup bag, I have some of the things you need when you are knitting/crocheting: scissors, post it notes, crochet hooks, knitting needles, cable needles, yarn needles, stitch markers, tape measure, stitch holder, and pens.

I also have arthritis and have injured my ankle at times while out walking and again, I always have a knitting bag with me, so I have a wrap for my ankle with me. Always handy to have.

As I mentioned, I have more than one knitting bag. In another bag, I just have yarn and maybe a few squares for use in making an afghan of granny squares (no photos). I have another bag with the same type of projects (again no photo). I have a third bag that my daughters gave me for my birthday one year. It has wheels and can be pulled. It has knitting needles, a folder with patterns, yarn and a case that has more needles, scissors, etc. I have some circular needles and some straight needles. I have a pill bottle repurposed to hold stitch markers. A project in the works, a scarf for a friend with a cable needle.

I have one other bag, that I carry with me. It also has a bit in it. It has four projects. I have a prayer shawl in the works. A neighbor, friend and pastor's (he is all in one) step mother is very ill and I offered to make a shawl for her for him to give. He said she likes pink. I found these two skeins at Michael's in their get rid of bin. Only two skeins and they are identical and beautiful color. So I think this will be very pretty when it is finished. It is a simple shawl: co 33 stitches, knit back and forth all rows until desired length.

Also, I have a Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf. It is very wide and knit in the round, changing the colors as I go. This is for a friend who has severe asthma and needs to be able to cover herself well and thickly so that she can walk outside in the cold. I have several skeins of this Vanna's Choice yarn. It has a stitch marker on it so that I know where beginning is so I can change colors in same place. (My friend is a red head, so I didn't want to overwhelm with red).

Next are some squares from a Bible Study book. I really need to sit and finish this afghan. It will be beautiful when it is finished, but I am so far behind on it. My own fault. I am really trying to finish things off before I start another thing, but then a need comes along and then I have to get to work.

 Then I have this scarf, that appears to be finished, but it is not. This is another one of the Secret Message Scarves, that I started to make. This one is just waiting for some blue dots and dashes to be placed on it to create the message.

The final item I have in this bag is another repurposed makeup bag. It contains some cards, pens, markers, highlighters, stitch markers, scissors, coins, etc. So there is what I have in my knitting bags.

What do you have in yours?

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