15 July 2013

Cin City Reptile Show

About every 2nd Sunday of the month, there is a reptile show at the Kings Island Inn near us. For $5, you can come in and learn all you ever wanted to know about snakes, lizards, caimans, (reptiles), the laws surrounding the ownership of these critters and lots of other animals. We spend a good deal of time touching, holding and talking with the sellers of these animals (reptiles). The girls love this time in the show.

Sunday we saw a baby Black and White Spitting Cobra. Rattlesnakes. Very large reticulated pythons....Very large Reticulated Pythons. We also saw: Dagus, Bengal Kittens, Prairie Dogs, Sugar Gliders (all was fun and games until one decided to land on the face of my youngest daughter).

Reticulated Pythons

Sugar Gliders

Prairie Dogs

Sugar Glider

Bengal Kitten

Blue Monitor Lizard



Green Tree Python
I did mention that it was very large.
This is how we spend a Sunday. Holding critters. Come out and join us sometime. They are there 2nd Sunday from 10-4.
Cin City Reptile Show

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