01 January 2016

More and More and More from the emails.

I had to delete some of the emails, because the links no longer worked. Not sure why they no longer worked, but that is okay. I think I got the links I wanted before they stopped. Christmas has come and gone. I had a good time with my in-laws. My nephew said he had a good time at our house again. My father-in-law's only complaint was there wasn't dessert, but he has been having trouble with falling and I worry that he hasn't been eating well, so I didn't have anything that would irritate his condition. But he did stay longer than usual. I think he had a good time.

Afghan - July 4th Throw
Afghan - American Flag Throw
Afghan - Crossed Panel
Afghan - Ripple
Afghan - Autumn Throw - This appears to be another Granny Square, but the color combos make it an autumn colored afghan.
Afghan - Country Throw
Afghan - Comfort Throw
Afghan - Traditional Cable Knit Afghan
Afghan - Star Shell Afghan

American Girl - Western Skirt

Baby - Diamond Trellis Baby Hat
Baby - Cabled Baby Hats
Baby - Elongated Stitches Baby Hat

Bags - Patriotic Ripple Tote Bag
Bags - Waves Tote
Bags- M'Lady MP3 Bag - I actually look at this as something that my girls would carry for fun.
Bags- Stash 'N Go
Bags- Knitting Tote

CAL - 2016 Afghan CAL  - begins Jan 13! I really want to try and do this. I like afghans and so do my children. They carry blankets all over the house in the winter months, so this could be a really good plan. Also, it might use up some of my old yarn.

Christmas - Santa Ornament
Christmas - Heart Ornament
Christmas - Mermaid Ornament
Christmas - Mitten Ornament
Christmas - Striped Stocking
Christmas - Bear Ornament
Christmas - Snowflake Dishcloth

Dishcloth - Posy
Dishcloth - Knit with Friends - I need to make a few of these and give them to my friends.
Dishcloth - Catch a Wave - Crochet
Dishcloth - Links
Dishcloth - Patchwork
Dishcloth - Lacy Butterfly
Dishcloth - Lake Ariel
Dishcloth - Follow the Yellow Knit Road Illusion
Dishcloth - Angel of Welcome
Dishcloth - Flower
Dishcloth - Feathered
Dishcloth - Round
Dishcloth - Petal
Dishcloth - Meow
Dishcloth - Dr. Who Logo
Dishcloth - Dr. Who TARDIS
Dishcloth - Dr. Who Don't Blink
Dishcloth - Halloween Cat
Dishcloth - Caduceus Staff
Dishcloth - Censored....F**k
Dishcloth - St Hubertus - Patron saint of hunters.
Dishcloth - Springtime
Dishcloth - Dahlia
Dishcloth - Starfish
Dishcloth - Aunt May
Dishcloth - Snowflake

Gloves - 2 Hour Fingerless Gloves

Golf - Knit Covers
Golf - Knit Covers

Hat - Running Beanie
Hat - Dragon Hat - Kids
Hat - Waffel Hat - has a tutorial
Hat - Sugar Twist Hat
Hat - 14 Cable Hat
Hat - American Flag Spiral Hat
Hat - Top Down Chullo

Kindle - Cover Using Sock Yarn

Knit Pick Links

Mitts - Super Easy Fingerless Mitts
Mitts - Dragon Scale

Nightcap - 1840's style

Potholder - Americana

These puzzle balls made by crochet are so fun! I want to make them because I think they would be fun for the kids.
Puzzle Crochet - Olive the Octopus
Puzzle Crochet - Amish Puzzle Ball
Puzzle Crochet - Mini Puzzle Ball Love the colors
Puzzle Crochet - Tutorial - they suggest as a pet toy and I think my cats would love it.
Puzzle Crochet - Flower Ball
Puzzle Crochet - Kiwi Bird
Puzzle Crochet - Pumpkin

Scarf - Breast Cancer Awareness - I have 2 friends who have been battling breast cancer. I want to make this for them. Shhhh, don't tell.
Scarf - ZigZag
Scarf - Dragon Scale Keyhole Scarf
Scarf - Tomato Palindrome
Scarf - Golden Wheat
Scarf - Makin' Bacon
Scarf - Diagonal Baktus Lace Scarf
Scarf - Art Deco

Slippers - Monster Eye  - These are so cool, that I may have them on this blog many times. I really want to make these about 5 times (one for everyone in my house, I know that they will be worn here).

Socks - Bumpy Ribbed Sock
Socks - Black Hearted
Socks - 52 Stitch Ribbed
Socks - Toe Up Diamond Pattern
Socks - Blueberry Waffle
Socks - Basic Pattern
Socks - Staggered Stripe
Socks - Heartland
Socks - 2 Needle Lace
Socks - Tiny Tulips
Socks - Toe Up Raggi

Swiffer Cover - I made one and we use it a lot and they are really easy to wash.

Tea Cozy - Mr Puffy

Toys - Chubby Chirps
Toys - Bluebird
Toys - Olaf Snowman
Toys - Penguin
Toys - Spock Ears

Wreath - Halloween
Wreath - Candy Cane
Wreath - Christmas Bells
Wreath - Autumn Leaves

New Year's is here and I am continuing to work on clearing out the email. The good thing is that I have removed enough that I don't get a nasty gram any longer, but I still have over 2200 emails. But the emails are slowly being removed and I am saving those pattern links that I really want to use.

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