05 January 2016

4th of January, 1st day of School in the New Year

The New Year began on Friday, but we didn't start back to school until today. The news weather people kept up their harbinger of doom (snow, ice and cold) and I know some who were waiting for a delay of school or even a cancellation. But we homeschool and so there is not a cancellation. We started the day off at 9 a.m. with a discussion of science and scientific method and Pavlov's experiment with dogs. We discussed that even the cats can have a Pavlovian reaction. Then we did demonstrations of how even though I was not trying to create a Pavlov experiment or even experience for the animals, I have created one. Now the children have to read the books from the library that focus on scientific method and Pavlov. Love the library!

I have a friend who posted a challenge to her knitter/crocheter friends. I accepted the challenge. Knitting and crochet (and even cross stitch) are relaxing and enjoyable activities for me. Knowing that my family (meaning my siblings) do not appreciate or like many of the things that I created, I don't plan on creating things for them. But I will learn how to make things using new techniques. I will make things for my children and husband (who do enjoy what I make, wearing them proudly). I want to learn entrelac. I have watched videos and read some books and I think this will be the year that I will try to make them.

What I love about dishcloth patterns, is that they are all about the same square size and you can use them to make squares for afghans, so you could make an afghan out of the states (you would need to use the wayback machine to get these) and have a state afghan. I could make an afghan out of the states that I have visited in one color and another color for those I haven't visited and another for those I want to visit. The same goes for any dishcloth pattern.

What I love about Afghan patterns is that when they are large and cover you, they are perfect for winter work. As they grow, they cover you and keep you warm while you work. They also tend to repeat so at some point you will have the pattern memorized and can work anywhere in the house (yeah, you don't want to haul them around). But when summer comes, you need to switch to the squares. These can be hauled around and after you have made about 5 to 10 you will again have the pattern memorized. Afghans can be good as gifts and my family (my children and husband) love afghans. They spend a lot of time wrapped up in them. The cats and dog also like blankets. But you want to be careful what you make with the animals as their claws can get caught in some yarns.

Afghan - Stained Glass Ripple
Afghan - Tiffany Lace - for baby, but could be made bigger.
Afghan - Southern Cross
Afghan - Wreath
Afghan - Noel
Afghan - Christmas Split Shell Ripple
Afghan - Christmas Glitter
Afghan - Red Crochet
Afghan - With Sleeves
Afghan - Christmas Tree
Afghan - Christmas Striped Throw
Afghan - Blue Throw
Afghan - Christmas ZigZag
Afghan - Corner to Corner
Afghan - Winter Skies
Afghan - Christmas Throw and Pillow
Afghan - Christmas Granny Squares Afghan and Pillow
Afghan - Holiday Snowflake
Afghan - Blue and White (KY)
Afghan - Circles to Squares - I like how this one looks.
Afghan - Bright Ripple Throw
Afghan - Spellbinding Crochet Ripple Throw
Afghan - Mountain Mist Afghan
Afghan - Falling Leaves (CT)
Afghan - Prairie State Afghan  (IL)
Afghan - Carolina Yellow Baby Blanket (NC or SC)
Afghan - Southern Cross Throw (SD)
Afghan - Spiderman
Afghan - Lizard Ridge
Afghan - Dutch Tile

Amigurumi - Snowman and Friend (AK)
Amigurumi - Year of the Lion (MI)

Baby - Booties
Baby - Pumpkin Beanie

Bag - Entrelac Messenger Bag
Bag - Kiss Kiss  - a bag to put Hershey Kisses in and give on Valentine's Day

Basket - Crochet Hanging Basket
Basket - Scrap Basket
Basket - Mega Bulky Crochet Baskets
Basket - Color block Crochet Basket
Basket - DIY Crochet Basket
Basket - Crochet Apple Trinket Bowl

Christmas - Mini Mittens Ornaments
Christmas - Angel
Christmas - Snowflake
Christmas - Snowflake Table Runner
Christmas - Christmas Tree Dishcloth
Christmas - Elf Dishcloth
Christmas - Polka Dot Mushroom Ornament
Christmas - Santa Gift Tag - This is shown in the typical colors, but I think it would be fun to assign colors to each person (pink, blue, purple - my kids fav colors) and then make them in those colors.
Christmas - Bird Ornament - My first impression....that's cute.
Christmas - Pinwheel Garland
Christmas - Snowman Stocking
Cupcake Christmas Ornament

Cowl - Winter Waves Chevron Cowl

Dishcloths - Log Cabin
Dishcloth - Garden Boy
Dishcloth - Baked with Love
Dishcloth - Lattice Hearts
Dishcloth - Lacy 4 Leaf Clover
Dishcloth - Quilted Hearts
Dishcloth - Valentine
Dishcloth - Bikini
Dishcloth - Love
Dishcloth - Blooming Flower
Dishcloth - Gingerbread Man
Dishcloth - Christmas Snowflake
Dishcloth - Christmas Stocking
Dishcloth - Santa Claus
Dishcloth - Festive Owl
Dishcloth - Elf
Dishcloth - Football

Earwarmer - Colors of the Night

Flower - Black Eyed Susan (MD)
Flower - Carnation (OH)

Hats - Stylish Tiles
Hats - Arctic Sunset Cable Hat
Hats - Burgundy Breeze Cable Hat
Hats - Pink Quick Knit Beanie
Hats - Irish Bloom Bonnet
Hats - Varsity Stripes Hat & Scarf
Hat - Denver  (CO)
Hat - Starbuck's Mandala Hat

Hotpad - Flower

Kitchen - Mop or Sweeper Cover - I have made one of these and it works well. My kids love using it.

Links - Feral Knitter Fair Isle Free Patterns - Fair Isle Knitting is another technique I want to learn this year.

Mittens - Oyster
Mittens - Beginner - for all sizes
Mittens - Seed Stitch

Scarf - Ripple Infinity Scarf
Scarf - Diagonal Batkus Lace (DE)
Scarf - Potato Chip (ID)
Scarf - Arrowhead Lace

Shawl - Magic Chevrons - need to sign into Lion Brand to see this pattern.
Shawl - Ella's Rhythm Shawl
Shawl - Northern Lights Very pretty shawl. Free Ravelry Download.
Shawl - Aeolian Shawl

Slippers - Rudolph

Socks - Anastasia
Socks - Lace Heart
Socks - Lazy Day
Sock - Staggered Stripe
Socks - Serendipity

Toys - Huggable Happy Colors Penguin Yeah, I have saved this one a lot. I really like it. I think it would be fun to have a few around.

Travel - Travel Blooms - These can be used to mark baggage making it easier to identify your luggage.
Travel - Knitted Luggage Tags - I like these better, but I think a couple of my kids might like the others.

Painted Rocks - Not crochet or knitting, but fun project for the kids

Valentine's Day - Be Mine Garland 
Counts on the email cleanup project: Starting at 2214 Ending at 2198 on 1/4/2016. Began at 2200 and Ending at 2179 on 1/5/2016. 

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