12 January 2016

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So, after taking a few days off from looking at the blog, the emails or too much else, time to get back to work. Today, I am starting at 2147! It is a good number, especially as this is about 500 less than where I started! I now have the goal of getting it below 2000 by the end of this week. I have also made 2 dishcloths, while I was off the computer. One was just a plain, use up the left over from the Halloween Cat dishcloth. It was a really pretty yarn and smelled so nice while I was using it. But you couldn't see the pattern. Have to remember that for future dishcloths. But right now, I had a friend give me some ends that she wanted used up. So that is what I will do and then I will give the final product to Dawn's Light. This is a great group of women who knit or crochet or sew. Things are made and given to people in need, through groups that the church supports.

Afghans - Autumn Leaves
Afghans - Baby Giggles - for babies
Afghans - Color Block Crochet
Afghans - Christmas Tree
Afghans - Christmas Noel

Bags - Summer Clutch
Bags - 30 minute purse
Bags - Asthore

Christmas - Star Ornament
Christmas - Snowman

Dish Cloths - Leafy
Dish Cloth - Little Garden Boy
Dish Cloth - Purl the Phoenix
Dishcloth - Awareness  - listed as breast cancer, but can change colors to make for other types.
Dishcloths - Links for Dishcloths
Dishcloths - States!

Hats - Happy
Hats - Embrace the Waves
Hats - Pumpkin Pixie for Toddlers
Hats - Tilting Block
Hats - Jovie the Elf
Hat Scarf Mittens - Cable Set
Hat - Chemo Cap

Hot Pads: Woven Circles Trivet
Hot Pads - Fanciful Flowers
Hot Pad - 10 Point
Hot Pad - Starburst
Hot Pad - Pinwheel
Hot Pad - Crochet Flower
Hot Pad - Christmas Bulb - Can use this with a Christmas Tree accent or maybe this Tree which is a free download on Ravelry.
Hot Pad - Octagon
Pot Holder - Hexagon
Hot Pads - Links for Pot Holders

Mitts - Texting Mitts
Mitts - Entrelac
Mitts - Links for Knit Mittens
Mitts - Alethiometer

Red Heart: Christmas: Free Patterns Links
Red Heart: Free Pattern Links
Red Heart: Christmas: Bear Ornament
Red Heart: Christmas: Nordic Holiday Balls
Red Heart: Christmas: Wise Owl Ornament
Red Heart: Christmas: Keepsake Stocking
Red Heart: Christmas: Yule Tree Throw and Pillow

Scarf - Winter Snowflake
Scarf - Poinsettia
Scarf - Winter Family
Scarf - Football - free Ravelry download! I can't wait to make some of these for my husband and his brothers.
Scarf - Reversible Cable
Scarf - Hooded

Shawl - Escapist
Shawl - Starstruck
Shawl - Icelandic Sunrise
Shawl - Oaklet

Socks - Fireside

Stitch Pattern - Serpentine Can be used for most anything, but think more likely for scarf.
Stitch Pattern - Irish Trace Cable

Sugar N Cream: Links for Patterns

TV Shows - Dr. Who - Jelly Baby

Woohoo! The email is now below 2000! It is now 1998! I have found some more patterns and lots of duplicates (you'll see that happens on few times on here, as well, but it is my blog and I must really like some of those patterns). Have a great night!

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