28 December 2015

Still working on the Email

Yeah, I am still clearing out the email. I know that this is continuing, but there are really that many. I have patterns that I want to make for myself, my children, my husband, my nieces (from MD). My one sister says that she really likes the dishcloths that I made her and that due to use they need to be replaced. I guess I should get to work on that as Christmas is right around the corner. So many things to make and save. I am also working on my mom's recipe blog. My mom passed in August and there are recipes that we all want, so this way they are available to all of us. My brother wants a vegetable recipe, but I haven't found the one he wants yet, so I have to keep working on that. I also have 3 children who want to work on Tinkercad. It is a way for them to make something and then use a 3D printer to print what they made. But in order for the younger two to use it, I have to print a permission form and then send it back...yep, like that will happen. It is just easier to open one account (mine) and the let them work on it. We are fortunate that we have access to a 3D computer and there are people who can teach them how to use the different sites (safely) and print with the printer. They have learned how to write programs, also. Our library system is that good.

2 of my nieces have American Girl dolls and so patterns to make the dolls clothes are prime! I even have 1 niece who wants to knit so she can make things for her doll. I do love my nieces.

Afghan - Earth Toned Afghan
Afghan - Wavy Shell Blanket
Afghan - Summer Fence Baby Blanket
Afghan - Race Flag/Checkerboard
Afghan - Sherbert Surprise
Afghan - Rainbow Lace
Afghan - Bramble Cable Afghan
Afghan - Colorful Knit Throw
Afghan - Coffee And Cream
Afghan - Lacy Fan Throw
Afghan - Shell and Post Stitch Ripple
Afghan - Crochet Log Cabin Squares
Afghan - Cabin in the Woods
Afghan - Log Cabin Afghan  - 2
Afghan - for Baby Lacy Leaves You have to scroll to bottom to for the English version.
Afghan - Arrow Stitch
Afghan - Dutch Tile Squares
Afghan - Beginner Granny Square - I have been making granny squares for a long time. But for those who don't know and want a simple version....this one is pretty and simple.
Afghan - Country Flowers Throw
Afghan - Country Cozy Afghan
Afghan - Candy Swirls - for baby
Afghan - Retro Rainbow - for baby
Afghan - Contemporary Stash Buster Throw
Afghan - Colors of Sunshine

American Girl - Poncho
American Girl - Scarf

Baby - Mitts 

Bags - Summer Day Beach Bag
Bags - Beach Bag
Bags - Hexagonal Market Bag
Bags - Easy Coin Purse

Beach - Colorful Mat
Beach - Souvenir Jar

Christmas - Angel Topper
Christmas - Knit Candy Cane  - Uses yarn scraps

Dishcloth - Moms Rule - love this cloth! I made it as a gift for my sister one year.
Dishcloth - Dads Rule  - I made this cloth for my bil as a gift the same year I made the other for my sister.
Daffodils Dishcloth
Dishcloth - Starfish

Draft Dodger - Broom Handle
Draft Dodger - Essential

Hanging Luminaries

Hat - Men's Cabled Hat
Hats - Hot Air Balloon Hats - Baby hats.
Hats - Jester Baby Hat
Hats - Butterfly Beret
Hats - Lazy River Beanie
Hat - Cladach
Hats - Jingle Bells for Family
Hat - Crochet Santa
Hat - Bostonian Hat and Scarf (MA)
Hat - Snowstorm Crochet Hat

Hooded Towel - Monster's Inc.

Hotpads - Flower
Hotpads - Fruity - has a tutorial with it.

Links - for Mittens

Mittens - Wicked Knit

Phone Cozy - Olivia the Owl

Pin Cushion - Cactus
Pin Cushion - Posey

Place Holder - Apple

Pouch - Crochet Owl

Scarf - Biased Opinion Scarf
Scarf - Katydid Drop Scarf
Scarf - Jubilee
Scarf - Allegras
Scarf - Makin' Bacon Scarf
Scarf - Hooded
Scarf - Silver Dollar Skinny
Scarf - Crochet Poinsettia
Scarf - Celtic Cable - After I made my first cable scarf, I was hooked. I loved making the cables and learning the new technique.
Scarf - Party
Scarf - Scrap Love

Shawl - Beloved
Shawl - Bluebell
Shawl - Autumn
Shawl - Summer
Shawl - Downton Abbey
Shawl - Crochet
Shawl - Valentine
Shawl - Oak Leaves
Shawl - Mystic Forest - Beautiful, very lacy.
Shawl - Popcorn
Shawl - Aeolian
Shawl - Summer Morning

Socks - Heart Lace Socks
Socks - 2 Needle Lace Socks
Socks - Diamond Pattern
Socks - Summer

Tiny Knits - Mittens
Tiny Knits - Glove
Tiny Knits - Toys
Tiny Knits - Knitting Bag

Towel - Don't Panic
Towel - Kitchen Hangers - these are made using part of a kitchen towel and the top is knitted and a button added so it can hang from handles.

Toys - Dino the Dinosaur
Toys - Little Black Owl
Toys - Knit Monkey
Toys - Snakes and Adders
Toys - Tuck the Turtle
Toys - Soccer Ball - this is knit and would be good for indoors, but not out.
Toys - Tiny Seal

Vest - Unique Shell Vest

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