03 January 2016

New Year and Still Cleaning out the Email

New Years came in quietly. My children had given up and went to bed by 11:30. For that I am grateful. I am knitting and crocheting again. While many in my family do not appreciate what I make, there are those who do and I have decided to focus on those and on giving to people who need rather than people who don't. I got lucky yesterday and went to Michael's Arts and Crafts and found the calendars that I had made as gifts in the past. They were $0.45 each and now I can find photos for them and make them and give them to people who will appreciate them. I think I will have the photos printed locally, unless printing and having sent works better. I will see when I get to that point. Since I only bought a few and my husband agrees we should make a few and give them to people I hadn't thought about giving one to, but a good idea all around. But for now, I need to get the laundry running (a never ending chore), get the dishes washed and a microwave installed (yep, another bit the dust) and just get out of the house for a little while, even if it is only for a drive. Get the kids away from the tvs for awhile. They do enjoy drives and maybe we can just spend some time laughing together. My kids are fun and I am grateful that I have them in my life.

Just a quick note: as of 1/1/2016 the email count is 2229! As of 1/ 3/2016 the email count is 2214. 

Afghan - Andante Crochet Throw
Afghan - Windchime Throw
Afghan - Irish Lace
Afghan - Dublin Afghan
Afghan - Medallion Circular
Afghan - Honeycomb Waves
Afghan - Sea Creatures Throw
Afghan - Rainbow
Afghan - Arrowhead Lace
Afghan - Tropical Fruits (GA)

Bag - Crochet Hook Case
Bag - Holiday Tote Bag

Christmas - Holiday Knit Scarf - Let's be clear, this is a Christmas scarf, I don't know anyone else that would wear it, but a Christian.
Christmas - Jingle Bells - hats for the whole family.
Christmas - Bright Knit Hats and Mittens Garland I love this, it is so pretty.
Christmas - Celestine Crochet
Christmas - Wave Afghan
Christmas - Crochet Gingerbread Man

Convertible Mitts - Fenway

Dishcloth - Pink Flamingo

Fingerless Mitts - Inverness Diamonds
Fingerless Mitts - Endpaper Mitts
Fingerless Mitts - Houndstooth
Fingerless Mitts - Diamond Leaf
Fingerless Mitts - Rainbow - Entrelac - A technique that I want to learn.
Fingerless Mitts - Nereid
Fingerless Mitts - Flame - Matching Hat

Hats - His and Her Winter Hats
Hats - Lollipop for Kids
Hats - Rock Candy
Hats - Cotton Candy
Hat - Flame - Matching Fingerless Mitts

Mittens - Wicked
Mittens - Family Set

Rug - Checkerboard Game Mat

Scarf - JawBreaker

School - Pencil Case

Shawl - Day to Date
Shawl - Prism
Shawl - Rainbow Afternoon

Socks - Candy Cane

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