17 January 2016

Hello, Sunday!

Sunday, a day of rest, of visiting and football!

Visiting: We visited church. Church for us is wherever we can get to on Sunday morning. Today, we went to Incarnation Catholic Church again. Came home and visited with nephew. He is old enough to drive himself and go wherever he wants, when he wants (he is an adult, so he doesn't ask permission).

Day of Rest: No rushing around. No major amounts of work. Some laundry, but easily accomplished. Reading, writing, games played (nephew came up to play games with his cousins), crafting. All things that provide enjoyment.

Football. My husband loves to watch football, so he is happily ensconced in front of the TV with football with Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers (and the Panthers ate on the Birds).

While all this happens, I am running a load of laundry. I am going to empty out some more of my email (leave it alone too long and it grows, but it is below 1950).

Afghan - In a Pinch

Baby - Manly Bib

Bags - Market
Bags - Shopping
Bags - Thrifty Market

Christmas - Mini Mittens Ornament
Christmas - Elf Stocking Ornament
Christmas - Winter Snowman Dishcloth
Christmas - Pinwheel Garland
Christmas - Tiny Toque Ornaments
Christmas - Scrooge
Christmas - Snowman Stocking
Christmas - Reindeer Ornament
Christmas - Little Knit Stocking
Christmas - Noel Knit Sweater Ornaments
Christmas - Snowman Mug Hug
Christmas - Polar Bear Hat for kids
Christmas - Holiday Balls Throw
Christmas - Holiday Hearts Throw
Christmas - Starry Night Stocking
Christmas - Mr and Mrs Snowman
Christmas - Bells Wreath
Christmas - Bull's Eye Ornaments
Christmas - Decoration PotHolders

Dishcloth - Christmas Tree

Fingerless - Striped Gloves
Texting - Colorful Texting Gloves
Mittens and Scarf - Chunky
Mitts - Diamond Leaf Fingerless
Mitts - Entrelac Fingerless

Hats - Top Down Chullo
Hats - Simply Spring Beanie
Hat - Elf Pixie
Hat - Ombre
Hat - Jingle Jester

Kindle - Rainbow Cover

Scarf - Cabled
Scarf - Cabled from Lion Brand
Scarf - Football
Scarf - King Me
Scarf - Double Fun Potato Chip
Scarf - Fiery Dragon

Shawl - Icelandic Sunrise
Shawl - Prism
Shawl - Demalangeni

Socks - Anastasia
Socks - Cable for Men
Socks - Cable Yoga
Socks - 52 stitch
Socks - Candy Cane
Socks - Guitar Man
Socks - Trail Mix for Men
Socks - Blueberry Waffle

Washcloth - Leafy

At quitting time, today, I have less than 1900! Tomorrow, I will get some more off, but now I want to knit and make some hand warmers. My hands are cold.

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