27 January 2016

Another Snow Day, Illness and More Illness

The week is almost over and Wednesday, the schools closed for a snow day. First, our school district called a 2 hour delay and then moved on to closed. I can understand why. As hard as the snow plow drivers worked, they were not able to get some of the areas the buses would have to travel before they had to go out. My kids think it is unfair that they have to go to school when the other kids are off for the day. But I pointed out that they get days the other kids don't, they get field trips while the others are in school. They have more freedom, but they still have to work. One day they will celebrate this freedom, but now they just don't see it.

I know that my emails are going down, but when I take a day off from clearing them out, they go back up. I just need to work on them one day and get more out of the box and keep it going down. Well, starting on Thursday, I ended up getting the flu. Slowly and surely my family has been going down with me. The whole house is going down. Poor dog thinks she can pull a fast one on us as we are just feeling so bad. She thinks she can get 4 or 5 meals a day during this. The cats just keep going from sick person to sick person. They hope they don't lose us as they are considered too old for adopting. Of course, the number of emails just keeps going up as I am just trying to get better and I have to keep going to store to buy more juice and popsicles. Fluid, is fluid, no matter what kind at this stage. The good news, I lost 20 lbs in 7 days, granted 15 of them in 3 days.

Afghans - Chevrons and Ladders
Afghans - Dublin
Afghans - Tapioca Pudding
Afghans - Color Block
Afghans - Celtic Weave
Afghans - Red Crochet
Afghans - Peaceful Lapghan

Bags - Little Granny Bag Tutorial

Basket - Crochet Neon Baskets
Baskets - Stash Buster

Charms - Funny Charms for Kids

Granny Square - 4 Heart Square
Granny Square - Shining Star
Granny Square - Aztec Stripes
Granny Square - Magic Spike Mandala
Granny Square - Chinese Puzzle
Granny Square - Hexagon Square Tutorial
Granny Square - Heart Square
Granny Square - Prince Protea
Granny Square - Rainbow Squares
Granny Square - Enough Love to Go Around

Handwarmers - Smitten
Handwarmers - Rolling Thunder
Handwarmers - Diamond Leaf
Handwarmers - Thumbs Up
Handwarmers - Walden's Wood Mitts

Hats - Cupcake
Hats - Rock Candy - these make me think of the hats worn in the "Grinch Who Stole Christmas."
Hats - Ear Flap  for Kids
Hat and Scarf - Cabled
Hat - Downton Abbey
Hat - Universal Slouchy
Hat - Reversible Crochet Brioche
Hat and Scarf Set - For Men
Hat - Big Blue Beret
Hat - Smurf

Headband - Lace uses left over sock yarn
Headband - Anthro Inspired
Headband - Easy Lacy

Links - 12 Crochet Flowers

Moogly 2013 Mystery CAL - Fish Pouch - Very cute when finished.

Needle Case - a place to hold yarn needles, stitch markers for crochet.
Needles Vase

Scarf - Pink and Purple
Scarf - Reversible Cable from Lion Brand and requires sign in, but free.
Scarf - Braided Loaves Cable
Scarf - Crochet Snow Bear Hoodie
Scarf - Peacock

Shawl - Butterfly Prayer Shawl (another technique I want to learn).
Shawl - Lavender Blooms

 Toys - Bunny Peep
Toys - Pokemon - Pichu
Toys - Teddy Bear
Toys - Sleepy Owl
Toys - Bubby Bear
Toys - One seam Teddy

Valentine's Day - crochet Hearts
Valentine's Day - Valentine Amigurumi Heart
Valentine's Day - Baby Hearts Mobile
Valentine's Day - Stripes and Hearts Scarf
Valentine's Day - Crochet Valentine TableCloth

Wash Cloth - Rainy Day

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