19 January 2016


Yesterday, I took the girls to their TAB meeting and the oil light came on, on my car. This light comes on before you have an issue, but when you need an oil change. So today, I get to sit in a waiting room at the garage waiting on the oil change. This is going to be a very busy week and it is going to be a very cold week, too. Yesterday dawned at 5 with a feel of -6! Brrr! Cold and I don't like each other. But the girls and I got a lot of school work finished and they will be left with a list of things to work on while I am gone, that I can check when I get back. Motivation is getting better, but they are still not as motivated as they used to be. Grandma's death and illness and all the other death's, have taken a toll on them as well.

Today, I need to get some more of the emails cleared out my email, but I am making progress and I am making things again and there are people asking for things. My nephew asked for socks! I love making things and I love that there are people who like what I make. My sweet nephew saying he really wants me to make him some socks and then asking how long will it take and saying that he has always enjoyed the gifts that I made for him, made me feel like things would be good again. The things I made, made him feel special.

This year had been a hard year for all of us. So many deaths, so much illness, so much stress, so much disappointment, things that didn't happen, things that did. So we ordered some sock yarn (his choice) and as soon as I finish my middle daughter's socks, I will begin working on his socks. But I also have an order for hotpads. I have an orders for baby blankets. I love when the orders come in, that means I can donate money to things that I want to donate to. I donate to Dawn's Light, I donate to Warrior Backpacks.

Life is good and I have work and children to teach. I am improving my mood and taking care of my family. That is what is important. Hopefully, I can get more of the emails off the account and just keep that momentum. Oh, and we got rid of cable! What a relief! We have just what we need and nothing extra. We can borrow movies and tv shows from libraries, we watch movies on Hoopla and books, lots of books. Love to read and so do the girls. It is nice at night we play games or work on puzzles.

Afghan - Checkered Knit Blanket
Afghan - Entrelac
Afghan - Diamonds from Squares
Afghan - Geometric Crochet Afghan
Afghan - Circles in Rectangles
Afghans - with Sleeves
Afghan - Cinnamon Twist
Afghan - Log Cabin Scrap

Bag - Trio Knit Tote Bag
Bag - Chinese Waves Pouch - I have a purse that just dumps things around inside. So now I need a bunch of different things to hold groups of items. So if I make this in different colors it might help organize my purse.
Bag - Waves Tote

Block - Passion Star Flower Afghan Block

Christmas - Crochet Santa Gift Tag
Christmas - Roly Poly Santa Doll
Christmas - Santa Ornament
Christmas - Snowman and Friend
Christmas - Snowman Family
Christmas - Snowflake Mitten Holiday Ornament

Dishcloth - Flowerburst
Dishcloth - Year of the Dragon

Fingerless - Fetching

Hat and Scarf - Astrodome
Hat - Piggle
Hat - Valentine
Hat - Denver
Hat - Blooming Purple Beanie
Hat - Slouchy Hat

Hot Pads - Candy Daze

Lapghan - Neutral Cluster

Links - Knitting Pattern Central

Mittens - Oyster
Mittens - Maplewood
Mittens - Ombre
Mittens - Bella
Mittens - Mocked Cable
Mittens - four needle
Mittens - Texting

Socks - Serendipity

Toy - Crochet Owl
Toy - Cute Bee

Tutorial - Soccasins

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