05 January 2016

Links to Fun Crafts with Children

These links were in another email that I had saved. They would lead to links for crafts that can be done around Winter and Christmas with children. Some are simple, some more difficult, but all look fun. Again, I don't control the links and this email was from August 2012. So you can always use wayback machine to see if you can get it to work. 

1. 17 Fun Snowman Crafts

2. 25 Handmade Christmas Ornament Crafts
334 Frosty Favorites4Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Ruler

521 Fun and Cute Christmas Angel Crafts
6Christmas Clay Pot Snowman
710 Fabulous Christmas Ornaments

814 Cute Gift Ideas for Friends
911 Christmas Crafts for Kids to Create
10Pasta Angel Ornaments

Candy and Cookie Turkeys - Great Thanksgiving Project, especially when your child is born on that holiday. Just a note: Children and People are more important than the Holiday, so don't ever put the day over the child (person). It makes them feel like they don't matter. I should know. I have a holiday birthday and so does one of my children. We make efforts yearly to make each child feel special over his/her day. To that end we gave up birthday parties and let the child pick his/her choice of things for that day. It is an adventure and fun every year. Much better than birthday parties where some people come to certain ones, but not all. 

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