29 January 2016

Almost the Weekend

Almost the weekend. Yep, after a week of illness, I am so ready for it to be over and go do something fun. We are still coughing and still just trying to breathe and not be so completely worn out. We are slowly getting better and after a week, we just want to do something fun. I did finally finish reading Tess Gerritsen's, "The Surgeon." I love the show "Rizzoli and Isles" and I could definitely see some elements of the book in the tv show, but then given how shows and movies change books to make them something they can show on tv or in theatres, I can see it. It was a pretty good book. I could so empathize with Rizzoli in the book and the difference of her brothers in the book vs tv show was evident. I am looking forward to reading, "The Apprentice," also by Tess Gerritsen. I also am reading "All the Light We Cannot See," by Doerr. It is a really big book. I borrowed it from the library and it was a 7 day loan. I was not able to finish it in time, but I was able to get it for my Kindle. I now have 2 weeks to finish reading it.

I originally sat down earlier, and was going to go through my emails, but I ended up looking through my books on Goodreads, to see which book in the bookseller's mysteries comes 1st, which book in the Rizzoli and Isles books came 2nd and just to find out where I had to stop in the actual book copy of the Doerr book. Then I started doing other things. I won't work on this for very long as I want to get Part 1 of the Groovyghan CAL. I was probably going to get it finished before Part 2 came out, but then the illness won. Part 2 came out last night, but it is only 2 parts and it will be 2 weeks before Part 3 comes out. I know that there are people who are complaining that they are coming out too slow and would like new portions every week instead. It is a really popular CAL and people from all over the world are participating. It is fun to see what their color combinations are and how they are connecting the pieces.

Tonight my goal on the email is to get below 1800. Tomorrow, I will try to get to about 1750. But a little at a time. It will get finished.

Afghan - Stained Glass - granny squares
Afghan - Loco for Cocoa
Afghan - Spiral
Afghan - Crochet Multicolored Throw

Baby - Jester Hat
Baby - Uggs
Baby - Snuggle Sack and Hat

Bags - Crochet Tote
Bags - Errands
Bags - Easy Mesh Market Bag
Bag - Melon Pocket Bag - folds up small for carrying and then opens up for market day.
Bags - Green Grocery Bag

Dishcloth - St Patrick's Day
Dishcloth - Bloomin' Flower

E-Reader - Cabled Cozy

Easter - Bunny with Candy pouch
Easter - Bunny Buddies
Easter - Peeps

Flower - Knitted Tutorial

Hats - Starbuck's Mandala
Hats - Happy
Hat and Scarf Set - Hugs and Kisses set for kids
Hats - Blue Slouch Beanie
Hat - Crochet Sun Hat
Hats - Cute Hoot Hat
Hats - Teal Hat with Brim
Hats - Crochet Scandinavian Hat
Hats - Grey Slouch Beanie
Hats - Garden Goddess Hat
Hat - Secret Garden Hat - could be referencing the book "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Headband - Anthro Inspired Braided Headband

Mittens - Easy Crochet
Mitts - Easy Wrist Warmers
Mitts - Lace
Mittens - City

Scarf - Easy Striped
Scarf - Cabled
Scarf - Meaning of Life
Scarf - Belle Fleur Scarf

School - Pencil Case
School - Backpack

Shawl - Amazing Mitred Shawl
Shawl - Prism free download on Ravelry
Shawl - Aeolian
Shawl - Big Triangle
Shawl - Popcorn free pattern from Red Heart Yarns
Shawl - Cyrcus Rectangular free download from Ravelry

Socks - Creta Lace
Socks - Easy Toe Up
Socks - for Father's Day

St Patrick's Day - Shamrock and Leprechaun

Toys - Blue Bunny
Toys - Year of the Tiger
Toys - Leprechuan free download from Ravelry
Toys - Rainbow Bear
Toys - Crochet Owl

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