07 January 2016

1st Wednesday of January and the New Year

I am still working on cleaning out the email. On a positive note, it is moving along nicely and it is at 2180. I will work on it as much as I can today, but today is Wednesday and there are things to do and places to go. I had my thyroid removed because I had Grave's Disease (overactive thyroid production), they found Hashimoto's Disease (underactive thyroid production) and Cancer. I was lucky, I was very lucky. It was found small and had not spread, but I do have to take medication for the rest of my life and I have to have blood work (depending on the doctor) every 6 months (right now). So I went and had blood drawn and now I get wait for the results and then I can get my medication refilled. I am meeting up with a friend. She has been taking care of a colony of feral cats (dumped and terrified and not trusting humans). She buys food and feeds them. She captures and gets them fixed so that they don't continue to produce. Recently, some people dumped more cats into her colony. This is a major financial hardship on her and her family. So she started a Go-Fund Me Account to raise money to continue fixing, feeding and finding homes for the cats. She has even put up shelter for the cats to try and protect them from the weather (especially the cold). She is a good woman and, like me, she gets really upset with people dumping cats. I get them dumped in my back yard and the cats just need a little love and they end up making the best pet/fur baby. Pets are a forever, not an until. I get if an older person has an animal and then they die, not keeping it. But when you take in an animal, it is forever, not until you move, or until your boyfriend/girlfriend gives an ultimatum. I wish more people would get that. Also, today being Wednesday, is early release for the kids who go to a building. It is also Teen Club and I am playing chauffeur. But for me that means I get to wonder through the stacks and look at books or read or knit or crochet or something while they have their away from mom time and I have my away from kids time. I am grateful that the libraries near us have so many things to do and things for the kids to do to learn something new (like computer programming or 3D printers or book clubs just for them or even a safe place to come and enjoy).

Afghan - Crayon Colored

Bags - Chinese Waves - What is interesting to me is that purses (with long straps) tend to be a dump style back and when you start dumping stuff into your purse, it becomes harder to find things. Have you ever noticed how much stuff you put into your purse and how much we end up carrying daily (especially when you have children)? I noticed that the quantity went up. I carry first aid supplies, I carry a wallet and then there are the cards. Cards for libraries (in my case I have about 8 just for me and until recently, I carried cards for each of my children, too.

Bookmark - Teacup
Bookmark - Knitting Needle - perfect for a knitter who loves to read.

Christmas - Penguin Ornament
Christmas - Cute Kitty
Christmas - Wreath Ornament
Christmas - Crochet Stocking
Christmas - Thick Cables Knit Stocking
Christmas - Knit Stocking
Christmas - Stocking Ornament
Christmas - Simple Striped Santa Stocking
Christmas - John Stocking - looks like an old fashioned stocking.
Christmas- Sean Stocking - nicely striped in greens
Christmas - Mary Lou Stocking - multiple colored stripes
Christmas - Colleen Stocking
Christmas - Traditional Stocking - can put a tiny mitten on it
Christmas - Holiday Harlequin Stocking
Christmas - Striped Stocking
Christmas - Elf Stocking Ornament, but I don't know why you can't put tiny gifts in them and give them as a favor.
Christmas - Holly Stocking
Christmas - Snowman Stocking

Cleaning - Reusable Duster Uses Tarn (T-shirt Yarn)
Cleaning - Toilet Paper Cover Band - This was how my parents and grandparents stored TP when we were little. It was the THING, to put a roll on the back of the Toilet (in plain sight) and then put something over it, so that it looked pretty.

Coaster - Apple


Gloves - Thumbs Up
Gloves - Pumpkin
Gloves - Handwarmers
Gloves - Rolling Thunder
Gloves - Fingerless Cable Hand Warmers - Beautiful!
Gloves - Fingerless Pieces of Eight - Gorgeous with a new way to make these mitts.
Gloves - Alice's Fingerless Gloves

Hat - Colorful Crochet Hat

Hot Pad - Tea Cup

Links to Easy Beginner Crochet Patterns
Links for Knit Christmas Items/Gifts
Links for Christmas Stockings
Links for Fingerless Mitts or Gloves I keep seeing a link for a Dragon Scale Fingerless Mitts, but every time I click on it, but the link is gone. But it takes me to this grouping. I keep hoping to find time to search through all the links, but right now, I just want to get the links in my emails really down from 2162 to less than a hundred!

Mittens - Tannenbaum

Pin Cushion - Apple
Pin Cushion - Cactus

Scarf - knit Sushi - the only kind of sushi I can have. What I like is that when it is rolled up it looks like a sushi roll, but it is scarf.

Socks - Basic
Socks - Quick

Tea Cozy - Pumpkin
Tea Cozy - Autumn
Tea Cozy - Beginner
Tea Cozy - Mr. Puffy
Tea Cosy

Toys - Rainbow Teddy Bear
Toys - Knit Elephant for Hospice - Hospice is becoming a very common word and organization. My mother-in-law was in hospice at the end of her life. They took really good care of her, but she hung on longer than they thought and just as they were getting ready to send her back to the nursing home, she died. My mother was in hospice and passed within hours of being signed into it. My cousin spent the last days of his life at home, but cared for by hospice. If you can make one or many, why not give it a try. They do great work and the people who work in hospice have a hard job.
Toys - Little Black Owl

As I finished this post, it is now Thursday. My day started okay, we did a science experiment, using things I already had in the home. I love when it is bitterly cold as there are so many things we can experiment with and the kids love what they learn this way. But by 11 a.m. we have no water and we are abandoning the house and going to the library (so they can work on Rapberry Pi or Tinker Cad) and then to McDonald's for lunch (can't cook lunch without water) and then we will take a walk around a very pretty area. I am grateful we have so many things to do and places to go and things that we can do. I am grateful that I am able to keep my kids at home for schooling and that they love learning. I just want them to start picking up things on their own and not having to be directed to learning. I know this comes with time and it will happen. Oh, for anyone who wonders why we have no water....There is a water main break near our house and they have turned off all the water to our area. But they are fixing it and it will soon be back on, but for now, I will celebrate getting out of the house. Have a great day!

As for the emails, I have now reduced to 2157! Any progress is better than no progress. Later, I will put more of my mom's recipes into the blog that I started to hold her recipes.

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