14 January 2016

Back to the Grind Stone

I have goals. I imagine many people have goals. I want to get my girls out of high school and into college. I want to learn new things every day. I want to get the email cleared out, so that I don't have to work on it almost daily to keep it manageable.

Yesterday, I was able to get the number below 2000, but today, it is back to 2000. This is a daily task to get the number down and I know that my next goal needs to be under 1500. I figure if I go by 500, I can manage getting it finished. The reason I look at it that way is because I do teach my kids daily, I do laundry every day, I do cook every day, I do the dishes every day, I also want to read daily and I want to knit/crochet/counted cross stitch daily. I also have errands to run and I have to take my girls to their activities, daily. When you have things to do, you can't spend whole days on the computer. I spend a few hours whenever I can get on the computer. Also, right now, I am working out a pattern for a friend. So that will be fun to get together and get that posted. All things happen for a reason. I know that I am happier.

Everyone is responsible for their own happiness. But it is fun to spread happiness, too. We have cats and they love to watch out the windows, but what do cats like to watch? Birds! At least my cats, do. So we started getting bird feeders. We started small. Just a little one here or there. A suet feeder. Today, we now have a bigger feeder for woodpeckers, etc. We have a large feeder with wild bird food. We have a small feeder with sunflowers, a small feeder for finches, and a small feeder for wild birds. The birds congregate in our yard. The cats are going crazy! There are so many birds and one cat wants to hunt. We have a deal, though, we only feed the birds in the winter. We feed the birds that didn't go south. They are the ones that would starve. But come spring time, we stop buying the feed and the birds are on their own. But the birds hang out in our garden, because we grow things that have seeds. We do that intentionally. We also grow things that butterflies like and hummingbirds.

Now to spread the happiness of patterns from my email. Patterns that will allow me to make things that maybe others would enjoy.

Afghan - Bright Ripple
Afghan - Ripple
Afghan - Chevron
Afghan - Flower Squares
Afghan - Persian Tiles
Afghan - Log Cabin
Afghan - Wobble

Bag - Little Knit Tote
Bag - Autumn Backpack very pretty colorwork bag.
Bag - Uptown Tote

Christmas - Santa Gnome Ornaments
Christmas - Partridge in a Pear Tree
Christmas - Santa Minion
Christmas - Mini Tree Ornament
Christmas - Classic Stocking
Christmas - Lights Ornament
Christmas - Pudding Scarf
Christmas - Knitted Bells
Christmas - Sock

Cozy - Cabled E-Reader

Dishcloth - Gingerbread
Dishcloth - Snowflake

Fingerless Mitts - Basketweave
Fingerless Mitts - Nereid Mitts

Halloween - Hallowig
Halloween - Costume Hats for kids
Halloween - Candy Corn - free Ravelry download
Halloween - Spock Ears
Halloween - Mustache

Hat - Smurf for kids
Hat - Newsboy
Hat - Winter Ponytail
Hat - Aang for kids
Hat - Three Colored Cloche
Hat - 14 Cable Knit
Hat - Men's Cable
Hat - Jekyll and Hide
Hat - Rainbow - for kids
Hat - Sunset Slouchy
Hat - Fall for Me Spiral
Hat - Sea Breeze Summer Slouch
Hat - Chemo
Hat - Luxury
Hat & Mittens - Grandma's  another Ravelry free download

Mittens - Flying Pigs - So perfect! I have friends who run this and this would be such a fun gift for them!

Scarf - Asymmetry
Scarf - AZ Dusk
Scarf - Harvest
Scarf - Autumn Garter Stitch Entrelac
Scarf - Tigger
Scarf - Cabled from Lion Brand. Free site, but has to be signed into.
Scarf - Men's Combo Cable
Scarf - Wave Cable
Scarf - Thick Textured
Scarf - Rainy Day
Scarf - Campfire Nights
Scarf - Berries in the Snow
Scarf - Palindrome

Shawl - Sunset

Socks - Toe Up

Stitch - Ripple Tutorial

Thanksgiving - Turkey Wreath

Toys - Pomp Poodle

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