11 January 2016

Facebook and Email Cleaning

Well, I have spent a good deal of time cleaning off my email and have ignored the patterns and homeschooling links on my Facebook page. Yeah, I know that you can save things on Facebook, but when I tried to find them later, they weren't available. So, I started moving them here. Much easier to find and put into some kind of order. I hope that this helps anyone looking for patterns. I know that it has helped me. I am finding patterns that I had wanted to make (why I had saved so many of the old emails) and why my email filled up so quickly.

Cooking - 33 - 3 ingredient Slow Cooker Meals

Homeschooling: Music: Carrot Clarinet
Homeschooling: Science: Bone Anatomy
Homeschooling: Science: Fair Ideas
Homeschooling: Science: Rock Candy
Homeschooling: Note Taking: Study Tips
Homeschooling: Science: Drinking Water
Homeschooling: English: Worksheets

Afghans - Temperature Afghan
Afghans: CAL: Groovyghan
Afghans - Peppermint Candy

Amigurumi - Blue Kitty

Gloves - Colorful Texting Gloves

Halloween - Scary Muffins
Halloween - Bug Infested Bowl
Halloween - Dog - Blooming Dog
Halloween - Candy Corn Banner

Kindle - Cover from Sock Yarn

Mittens - Maplewood
Mittens - Norwegian
Mittens - Zig Zag
Mittens - Broadstreet
Mittens - Sweetheart
Mittens - Skeleton

Scarf - Arrowhead Lace and Cable
Scarf - Rio - looks like it uses the crocodile stitch.

Shawl - Rainbow Afternoon

Socks - Staggered Stripe

Toys - Woodins
Toys - Grass
Toys - Perching Pigeons

TED Talks - What Makes You Happy? This is very important....you are responsible for your own happiness! But here are some talks on Happiness.

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