15 January 2016

Friday, Friday! It is Friday!

Friday dawned warm and wet. Very wet. But it was warm! It was so nice outside. No coats, not gloves, no hats, no scarves. Yeah, I know that bulk of my links are things you wear in the winter, but I am not doing cold well. So I am happy when we get a warm day. We ran errands and saw my dad. Came home and overall had a good day. But now, I just want to get some more of the emails off my account. I figure once I get it completely empty, I will keep it that way. We were singing along with this song: The River. Also, I love little packages that have fun things in them. Survival Kits are fun. I also have three girls and they are getting into puberty and that means PMS Survival Kits!

So for know, more knits and crochet links.

Afghan - Dogwood
Afghan - Christmas Star
Afghan - Log Cabin Scraps (whatever is leftover)
Afghan - Bear Claw
Afghan - In a Pinch
Afghan - Entrelac
Afghan - Wreath

Amigurumi - Little Hoot
Amigurumi - Crabby the Crab

Animal - Cat Hoodie Free Ravelry Download, but it was a laugh out loud knit. I saved it because it made me laugh. It is an actual hoodie sweater for a cat!

Basket - Chunky Crocheted

Christmas - Baubles
Christmas - Moose
Christmas - Tree Coaster
Christmas - Angel Tree Topper
Christmas - Knitting Wreath
Christmas - Crochet Wreath

Dishcloth - Suncatcher
Dishcloth - Flowerburst

Halloween - Bewitching Hat

Hat - Rick Rack Braid
Hat - Everyday
Hat - Deathly Hollows Beret

Mitts - Granite
Mitts - Hocus Pocus Wristlets
Mittens - Ombre

Scarf - Entrelac Tutorial

Shawl - Silver Semi Circular
Shawl - Easy Sideways
Shawl - Cora

Socks - Random Tracks

Toy - Huggable Happy Colors

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