01 February 2016

Sunday, end of the Weekend

The weekend is almost over. A few hours and then Monday will be here and back to work we go. Thankfully, we started school in the summer (July) so that we could build in days for emergencies. At the time we were building in for when my mom would inevitably get sick again and then die. Yeah, I kinda felt like she was going to go in 2015. She would follow all the food restrictions and liquid restrictions when she was at the hospital. Best behavior was on view. But when she got home, she would go back to her bad habits. Now, that we are starting to feel better, I am pushing for everyone to get moving and get outside. We will start eating things that are made from scratch (the soups and the foods that have to be cooked and then prepared and all the hard work), but so worth it as they taste so very good. I think that would be good for all of us. We were eating soups from cans as I was just not able to get enough energy to cook and clean and wash dishes.

Today, I am cleaning house. We are having some really good fruit and tonight's supper will be homemade. I think everyone would enjoy the rice and chicken and veggies. This is a meal that I make when I have time. I know that it is my husband's favorite meal. We are also working on our knitting and crochet projects. Just a little at a time, and reading. Tomorrow, we will get a bunch of math finished and get some more geography completed. History and Art and Writing! Yeah, we will get work finished. We will take a walk and get some fresh air and clean up the back yard. It will be nice to move and keep moving. I think the girls will enjoy a field trip to the Krohn Conservatory to see the spring flowers. I know that I will. Besides we can work on so many other lessons at the same time, because I live so VERY far away from Cincinnati (according to my family). I was looking back on a FB post I made about 5 years ago, my youngest wanted to know if the family knew where we lived and could they come to visit. I explained at the time that they know where we live and they are welcome to visit, but they feel that we live TOO far away to visit. Then they started seeing where they would come up to the area for things and we were still just too far away. They don't ask those questions any longer. They just ask if I have anything fun planned. Yep, I do have a lot of things fun planned for this week.

Afghan - Flower Power
Afghan - Spring Leaves
Afghan - Log Cabin Scrap Blanket
Afghan - Sherbet Surprise
Afghan - Patch Sampler Throw
Afghan - Light Spectrum Afghan
Afghan - Mitered Squares
Afghan - Slip Stitch Sampler

Baby - Rock's Socks
Baby - Tree of Life

Basket - Crochet Stash Basket
Basket - Crochet Stash Buster
Basket - Pink Easter Basket
Basket - Crochet Bathroom Set

Cleaning - Reusable Tarn Duster
Cleaning - TP Cover
Cleaning - Swiffer Reusable Cover
Cleaning - Keyboard Duster

Coaster - Mitered

Dishcloth - 4 Leaf Clover
Dishcloth - Flowerburst

Entrelac - Scarf with Tutorial
Entrelac - Hat for Lady
Entrelac - Buttonhole Shawl

Flower - Orchid

Hat - Lollipop

Headband - Snood a snood collects long hair and holds it in the back of the head (check out the picture).

I-Pod - Cozy

Luggage - Tags

Scarf - February Mood Scarf the colors are on a download of the pattern, but do not encompass other moods like depressed, sad, angry, hurt. They are positive colors choices. I guess I am thinking sad because we have had another death. I guess that is the issue with an older population. You lose your older family and friends. But he is in a much better place.

Slippers - For Men
Slippers - Fireside
Slippers - Easy Knit

Soap Sacks

Socks - Adirondacks Slipper Socks
Socks - Double Ribbed

Squares - Butterfly

Toys - Gonk's Journey There is an Adam, a Santa (not free) and a Caveman.
Toys - Big Bang Theory

I didn't get a chance to finish this last night, but I did get the emails below 1750, which was my goal for the weekend (granted Saturday - we went out and had fun in the sun). Have a great Monday morning!

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