23 June 2013


VBS = Vacation Bible School!
This week the girls attended two VBSs. It was a long week and a fun week. We would get up and go to Resurrection Lutheran Church (RLC) for the morning. I was working with one group and my girls were in other groups. They had a blast. In the evening, I would take them to Urbancrest Baptist Church (UBC) for their program (they have friends in that one).

RLC collected items for donation to the Food Pantry. They did a great job and the kids received the above "dog tags." My girls love them!

UBC collected for Missions in Argentina. They have a money collection where the have the boys against the girls on collecting money. The boys were losing and Pastor Tom added monies to the boys bucket. So the last night they announced the totals from the previous night and the boys were way ahead (about a hundred dollars ahead) and the girls got help! Parents and women who participated! So the final totals were Boys: $732 and Girls: $751! Yay girls!

I love VBS! I love what my girls learn and the fun they have!

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