29 June 2013

Links to More Patterns

I know another post about links to knitting or crochet patterns. I have been organizing these in Excel so that I can keep better track of things I like.

Palindrome Hat
Palindrome Scarf - Already have this started, but lost my cable needle and had to get a replacement.
Floppy Dog  - My girls would like this for a present at Christmas
Thorny KAL - Started this, now just need to finish it
Amigurumi Love Birds - Another fun thing to make
Baby Monsters - Something fun to make
Fish Pouches - Christmas for all little girls in my life (except my daughters who already have one)
Moogly Blog Free Patterns I really like her patterns and the links she shares!
Twists and Turns Afghan
Potato Chip Scarf  - have made a scarf called this already, but didn't look like this.
Gender Neutral Baby Blanket
Loco for Cocoa Afghan
Pastel Lacy Shells Afghan
Bear Hat
Gray Tides Slouchy Hat
Around About Bag
City Girl Cowl
Unbaby Blanket
Goddess Dream Scarf
Checkerboard Lace Scarf
Gin and Tonic Hat (aka Fairy Lights Hat)
Breezy Soft Blanket
Elegant Evening Shawl (aka Glitzy Cat's Paw Lace Shawl)
Lace Ivy Wrap
American Flag Afghan
Blue Bunny - Be fun to make with the floppy dog
Basket Weave Afghan
Baby Hearts Mobile
Crochet Owl Toy - Something else fun to make
Spring Amigurumi Doll
Little Frogs
Colorful Coral Snake
Antonio the Frog not too sure about this one. May make it and then decide if I like it.
Belize Wrap
Fabulous Shawl
Monster Eye Slippers This one has been on my to do list forever.
Cabled Wrap
Brightly Colored Throw makes me think of a granny square afghan
Heart Wine Charm This is pretty cool. It is a crochet heart with a ribbon to be put around a bottle of wine.
Blue and Green Boy Striped Hat
Circles in Rectangles Afghan
Stella Luna Lace Shawl
Pineapple Scarf
Knitted American Flag
Red Revolution Scarf
Slouchy White Hat
Waves Tote Bag
American Flag Spiral Hat
Blueberry Crumble Beret
Ruffled Tote
Tunisian Crochet Berry Stitch Tutorial
Sally Goldenbaum blog She writes some knit mystery books that I have been enjoying and she says to come check out her blog for a pattern in one of her books. But the pattern I was interested in was not on the blog.
Mini Chihuahua Snuggle
Neon Jersey Rug
Knit Snowman Family
Millionaire's Afghan
Gingham Dishcloth
Kitchen Basket (Crochet)
Mile A Minute Throw
Links for Christmas Knitting
30 Minute Knit Purse
Watermelon Coasters
Flame Stitch Afghan
Quick Knit Potholder
Patchwork Afghan
Knit Bacon Scarf
Japanese Summer Scarf
Amsterdam Lace Scarf
Easy Scarf
Green Market Bag
Scarf Links
Art Deco Scarf
Bark Knit Scarf
Watermelon Links
Red Heart Christmas in July There is a note to check daily for patterns
Butterfly Hat
Mike and Sully Monsters cute pattern! Save to computer so that you will not lose it.
Crochet in Round Cat Bed
Minion Despicable Me I have girls and a friend who love this little guy.

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