13 June 2013

More things I want to save

Yum! Saved this so that I could make it for my kids one day soon. Wish I knew what this was called and who created it. I want to give proper credit and a link so people can go to the right place.

Corner to Corner Crochet Throw This is the afghan I mentioned on an earlier post. If you go to the bottom there is a link for an instructional video.
Frilly Motif Scarf Really cute scarf that would make a great gift!
Moogly Links for Hair Accessories Moogly is wonderful! She shares a lot of links and makes up her own patterns.
Love My Doll Sweater This is an 18" Doll Sweater. Looks like an American Girl Doll. So I will be making a couple of these.
Solid Willow Crochet Cute squares that can be put together. They show this for different things. I like the idea as Kitchen Window covering.

Crockpot Chicken and Noodles

Crocodile Stitch Tutorial This is also on Moogly. Love this stitch and this is a good tutorial!
Toddler Socks Cute little socks.
Cubist Socks by Cookie A Love, love, love Cookie A Socks!
Joann's Cape Discovery Crochet Sea Turtle This is such a cute little Sea Turtle!
Animal Faces Combo Such cute little hats.
Rabbitty Toy Toy Rabbit is so cute.
Ichigo The Elephant (Ballarina) So very cute little elephant.
Monty Moo Cows These cows are so cute.
Wise Owl Tote Bag - Really cute Owl Tote Bag! Really cute!
13 Knit and Crochet Bags from Red Heart
Lace Knit Lengthwise Scarf
Purple Lace Scarf
Mt. Vernon Shawl
May 2012 Afghan Knit A Long Square - Ostrich Plume
Mystic Forest Shawl
One Shoulder Shawl
Spring Flowers Shawl (Baltick Sea Breeze Shawl)
Crochet Pansies Bouquet
Blueberries and Cream Scarf
Rainbow Trout Bookmark too funny
Scrap Yarn Crochet Slippers
Crochet Beer Cap (could use other types of caps) Hot Pad
Owl Toy
Parcheesi Afghan (Fun with Colors)
Grandma's Knit Slippers
Lucky Scarf

While I am remembering. It is still KIP week. So for the three days, Tuesday, I just knit at home because I was feeling worse. Wednesday I knit at dr office (Strep Throat). Thursday I knit at McDonald's.

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