23 June 2013

Pattern Links and links to Celtic Thunder

More patterns that I want to make, but I discovered this week that FB does not like me saving so much to my wall and then only fusses at me when I try to find all the things I saved! For instance, while on our Birthday trip (my middle daughter requested her trip to the zoo), to The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, I tried to play some of the youtube videos I found and could not locate them. My daughters love to listen to these men sing and the songs are fun!

For instance: A Place in the Choir
or Seven Drunken Nights
or Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For
or I Wanna Know What Love Is
or Nights In White Satin
or Lough Swilly Railway
or Belfast Polka
or Buachaill on Eirne
or Take Me Home
or That's a Woman
or Lauren and I
or Ride On
or Halleujah

I had to do a search for the group and hope that the videos would play that way. So our deal is that I will purchase some more of their cds for the girls and I to listen to in the car and at home (my husband is even loving their music). I am definitely going for Mythology first (we already have Voyage).

How to Crochet the Corner to Corner Afghan
Oh Nuts Bib
Lavender Bunny
Hello Kitty Beanie Hat
Dads Rule Dishcloth
Moms Rule Dishcloth
Arrowhead Lace Headband
Amigurumi Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Crochet Rainbow Market Bag from moogly
Baby's Place Banner
Joann Crafts Crochet Links
Joann Crafts Knit Links
Lola's Lace Shawl
June Block of the Month
Best Crochet Pot Holder
Knitted Patchwork Recipe
PacMan Dishcloth
American Flag Crochet Pot Holder
Fish Pattern Pot Holder
Sleep Tight Royal Mobile
Moogly Embellishment Links
DROPS ball from Paris
Moogly Links for Crochet Harry Potter
String Tote Pattern/Tutorial
Owl Coaster Pattern
Woven Circles Trivet
Duplicate Stitch for Hexipuffs Tutorial
Faux Brioche Beret 

This week, one of my FB friends shared this link with me. I think we will be on a road trip!
Kentucky Reptile Zoo

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