15 June 2013

Reading Updates, WIP Updates and More Links

I have been reading what the girls have been reading and asking them questions (to make sure that they have read the books in question). I have one daughter who likes to skip words and paragraphs and then cannot tell me about the book, so when she reads, so do I. So I have some updates for my Alphabet reading list.

A - Aesop's Fables (finished)
Around the World in Knitted Socks
Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet
A Deadly Yarn
American Sniper - Double Dip for the Military Reading Challenge
B - Band of Brothers (still working on it) This one counts in the Military Reading Challenge.
Big Book of Knitted Monsters
Beyond Stitch and Bitch
C - Circular Knitting Workshop
Cast On, Kill Off
Cooking with Hot Flashes
D - Dyer Consequences
A Deadly Yarn (Almost Finished)
E- 11th Hour
F -
G - God Has Better Things to Do Than My Laundry.
Grimm's Fairy Tales.
H - Hardy Boys Top Ten Ways to Die
Hardy Boys Rocky Road
A Holiday Yarn
I - I Funny by James Patterson.
I Love Knitting
Irish Mist
J - The Joy of Sox.
Journey to the Center of the Earth
K - Knit One, Kill Two.
Knitter's Book of Socks
Knits for Nerds
Knit Your Own Cat
Knit Your Own Dog
Knitting Into the Mystery
Killing Memories
L - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
M - Maze Keepers.
Middle School Get Me Out of Here
Murder of a Bookstore Babe
Moon Spinners
N - Needled to Death.
Noah's Knits
Never Knit Your Man a Sweater
O -
P - Prayer Shawl Companion
A Puzzle in a Pear Tree
Q -
R -
S - Sasha, Extraordinary Daschund
The Silence of the Llamas
T - 200 Hundred Crochet Blocks
U- Unraveled
V -
W -
X -
Y - You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled.
Z - Zoo
Letters missing are F, L, O, Q, R, V, W, X.
Things I have finished: one prayer shawl, but I started another right away. These are going to be sent to a cousin in TX who is ill and whose daughter is also ill. I really need to work on some other things and get them finished also.

WIPS (reordered due to what is on needles and what I want to make):
1. Blue Prayer shawl
2. Holden Shawlette
3. Thorny KAL (obviously I am not knitting at same time as anyone else, but I still want to make it).
4. Nicole's Socks (need to finish the 2nd sock which I am still working on).
5. Love Birds
6. Monsters
7. Fish Pouches (from Moogly)
8. Shark Pouches (also from Moogly)
9. My shawl (using yarn from friend)
10. An Afghan for my dad
11. An Afghan for my brother
12. An Afghan for my middle daughter
13. An Afghan for my oldest daughter
14. Circle Afghan for my husband.
15. Floppy Dog (gifts for Christmas)
16. Cross Afghan (this is in progress but I haven't been doing it as well I could have).
17. Rug for Bathroom (have yarn and started).
18. Hats for Christmas gifts
19. Scarves for Christmas gifts
20. Palindrome scarf for friend's birthday (have yarn and started and stopped due to color combos being too dark and restarted).

Links: One of the pages I look at on FB, a woman kindly put together a listing and shared with all of us. It is a great work. I saved it. I think I might have to make one of those, but for now to make sure I will not lose these in the future, this is a good place to save also!

Beginner Flower
Jolie Doll
Brioche False Beret from Red Heart
Best Man Hat
Elegant Evening Shawl
King Charles Brocade Baby Blanket
3 last minute dishcloths
Super Fast Lacy Throw - choose the text, I could not access the pattern with the pdf file.
Lilac Mist Scarf this looks like a shawl.
Crossed Stitch Scarf (or Butter Cookie Scarf)
Knitted Cable Afghan
Mountain Mist Scarf
Colorful Crochet Baby Bib
Colorful Twists and Turns Crochet Afghan
Gender Neutral Baby Blanket
38 Uses for Yarn Scarps
Loco for Cocoa Afghan
Birdie's Baby Afghan
Purple Kitty Restored old pattern books afghan and fashions
Caribbean Blue Tee - really pretty. Think I would like to make this for my girls.
Stars and Stripes Afghans
Knit Socks
Little Arches Socks
Uptown Tote Bag
Colorful Striped Table Setting
Cotton Striped Dishcloth
Shells and Stripes Afghan
Juicy Fruits Afghan
Crochet Striped Hat
Chevron Scarf
Christmas Afghan

I forgot to mention: for the last few days of WWKIP week, I knit at McDonald's on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


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