31 March 2011

Attention Parents

On Tuesday, I took my children to a museum and wonder of wonders there was an supervised young (toddler) girl...

This girl was flinging water everywhere and no mother, or adult around. Now I will admit that when I take all three DD to places, I cannot be with them all at once, but I do try to keep track of them. But when they were this young, I did try to stay closer to them, especially near water.

This child was not being watched. Many people were soaked by her water flinging and no one came to stop her and/or supervise her. Eventually, after I took a photo of her, the mother came in and said don't do that and then moved far, far away from her (into another room)!

Wednesday, when I took my daughters to another museum, a young boy decided to force himself between me and an exhibit, stepping (not once, but three times) on my sore and aching foot (arthritis didn't help me) and I was very irritated with the boy and his mother (who didn't care what her progeny was doing).

Today, (Thursday) I took my children to another place and while at McDonald's having a drink and some more play time, another mother told me about another child who was not being supervised and was doing some major harm.

Listen parents, your children are your responsibility. We other moms will help if you are trying and are being torn three different directions at once, but you need to step up and do the work!!! We will applaud you (yes I have been part of that scene when a dad used a very commanding tone to get the attention of his child who was screaming) and we will support you as you deal with your child's misbehavior. But don't expect people to be supportive of you when you are ignoring your children. Don't expect people to like you if they are being really horrible and you aren't doing anything to stop the problem! You need to step up and teach your children proper behavior. Today, a lady at the restaurant where I took my children for brunch told me how good my DDs are. She said that there are times where people bring their children in and they are so very bad that they are happy to see them leave.

My friends and I took our children to lunch at this same restaurant and someone treated our whole table of children (about 9) to a dessert! It was a special treat for the children. We did take them out as fast as we could before the sugar could cause major issues and took them somewhere to run it off, but they noticed and let us know that they appreciated the good behavior of the children.

Please, take notice of your children and watch them. Demand respect from them. Demand that they behave when they are places. Demand that they sit in their chairs. Demand that they use utensils and not show the food in their mouths! Demand from them what your parents demanded from you! Be the good parent! Be the strict parent and stop ignoring your children.

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