01 April 2011

The Height of Laziness

This week I spent a lot of time with my children and traveling across OH and KY. We have also spent a lot of time in many bathrooms (what can I say three girls and they all can't go at the same time). We would go into the bathrooms and many are equipped with automatic toilets (and if they aren't many people have forgotten how to flush), automatic sinks (and if they aren't they assume they are broken and walk out without washing their hands) automatic soap dispensers (see previous comment) and automatic hand dryers or towel dispensers (then they get mad because they were unable to dry their hands after washing them).

I watched this in many bathrooms across these two great states. If it didn't happen automatically people forgot how to do this for themselves and walked out of the bathroom upset that these items were broken.

I watched as my children (even) put their hands under the faucet and got confused because it didn't turn on automatically. These things are supposed to be water, energy, paper savers and yet they make it possible for more people to waste these things because they work too sensitively and then you have children who like to play in them because they do work automatically.

Let's go back to the flush yourself, turn it on yourself and work to get it yourself.

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