28 March 2011

I found another LYS!!

I took my daughters up to the Columbus Zoo (OH) today. They love zoos. This zoo is so large that getting through it in one day just hasn't happened. We walk until we are tired and then we head for home (with a stop at a play place restaurant for good measure).

On the way home, I decided that I wanted to see what LYS's in the Columbus area had to offer and did a quick search on my cell phone (did I mention I have a new cell phone and carrier and I love my cell phone!) for LYS's in the Columbus area. It came back with this website Knitty Knotty showing all the current LYS's in the area. I went to the one closest to where we were at the time and it was fabulous!!! Thanks knitty-knotty for the great information!!! I went to a store called Temptations Yarns. Inside I met a woman named Michelle Hunter and she has a site (KnitPurlHunter) where she has videos on how to knit socks, knit socks using the magic loop method and many other things. She teaches classes at this store.

The store was wonderful...so much yarn, so little time! I had the girls with me which meant they were touching everything and wondering all over the place. I bought some yarn (I guess I'll have to change my counter again, but I just might wait until after I have another chance at another store first).

Maybe after Spring Break, I'll get around to posting the yarn for all to see. I found some gorgeous colors and it is so soft. Not sure if I will use it for socks or for hats or scarves....decisions.

Today, I also found another Burger King with a play land. My girls had a blast playing there! It was good for them to have a place to run and play for a little while. You see while the Columbus zoo has 3 play areas, only one girl is allowed to play there. The other two are too tall! They don't go by age, they go by height. My older two girls are over the height for playing...something is wrong with that thought if you ask me. It's like saying you are too old to do anything, once you are a certain height. They don't want to watch her play and it's not fair to them. So I make a point of finding a place where they can all play for a little while before the long trip home (although coming home from Columbus at 5:30 takes way less time than coming home from Cincinnati at the same time)!

Have a great night!!!


  1. One of our LYS is closing after three years.
    I will be adding to my stash soon.

  2. That is sad that you are losing an LYS. Do you have many near you or is this the only one? But the upside you will have more stash to work with ;).