02 March 2017

Wow! That Was A Storm!

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, we were able to witness God's Power and the old adage, "In like a lion and out like a lamb." That was a huge storm we had overnight. High Winds (went until Thursday morning), tons of rain (lots of flooding...my backyard surpassed swamp) and tornadoes! Overnight, I had trouble sleeping, listening to the wind blowing at my house. I made the decision to open my Bible (app on phone) and read the Bible and let God take care of us, as He has done all along. He kept us safe and we rode out the storm.

I looked at "On This Day" on FB and found a whole bunch of links for patterns, my favorite kind, amigurumi. 

Miffed Birds - I will note that these patterns will have to be found using other methods (Wayback Machine comes to mind) as Angry Birds was the original name and since I don't want to get into trouble for saying this, I call them Miffed. I helped a friend make a lot of these as they were to be used at a birthday party and they were well written patterns and the person who wrote them was not charging for the pattern. 

So many patterns, so little time, it seems. I also love this pattern: Amigurumi Birds.

There are a lot of babies being born at the zoos right now. At the Cincinnati Zoo, they have a baby hippo, name Fiona. She was born prematurely and has required a lot of special care. She has gained a lot of attention with a daily feed about her. At another zoo, there is a giraffe, named April, that is due any day now and they have her on a live feed that many people watch all day or for hours at a time. This prompted many to make Amigurumi Giraffes

I have also seen this gorgeous shawl, called a Pineapple Peacock Shawl

Since it is March, it also time for all things Irish. Saw this recipe called Irish Boxty Recipe. It is kind of like a potato cake, best description I can come up with. Also, found this pattern for Celtic Tiles Blanket. Another beautiful pattern.

Well, Friday, we will be going to our local Catholic Church for the first Fish Fry of the year. It is the best place to go, we get to visit with friends and have a good fish meal. I don't eat a lot of fish, because I cannot handle the iodine, but I eat a little and pack up the rest to eat on for the rest of the weekend. The church is St. Francis de Sales in Lebanon and Farther Bernie is a very nice man and well loved by the community.

Where do you go for a fish fry and what is your favorite part?

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