25 March 2017

Books, Reading, Bookstores

I love to read and I will read many books at once, in many forms (real pages or ereaders or tablets). I have books upstairs, I have books downstairs, in my car, in my purse, on Kindles or Tablets and I carry them with me. You never know when a time might present itself to read. One time, I was stuck in a really bad traffic jamb, there had been a bad accident ahead of me and we were parked. Yep, parked! I got out a book to read and so did my girls. The police officer walked back to apologize for the time it was taking to get the accident cleared and said we were smart to have something to do. (Did I mention that the police in my area are wonderful men and women, as I am sure they are most everywhere, but we are a small town with lots of farms.) We thanked him for the information and continued to wait for the accident to be cleared. We were not impatient or worried, the blessing of homeschooling, it can happen in a car, and we had something to do while we waited. Sooner than we thought, the accident cleared and we closed (turned off) the books and continued on our way. Today, while I was looking around on FB, I saw a blog from another who loves to read and she has book blurbs and categories, it is called Modern Mrs Darcy. It is worth taking some time to go over the blog. You might find another good read! The blog even has a 2017 Reading Challenge, it is shorter than some and might help you kick start your reading. The first says, a book chosen for it's cover. I love that. I choose books for covers alone.

Do you like to travel? I do. I like to go different places and wonder around and find things that are not the common. When my husband and I were first married we went to South Carolina. He wanted to show me a place he had been stationed when he was in the Navy. On the way, we passed Bat Cave! I really wanted to stop there, but he wasn't ready to stop. We passed the "Home of the Swamp Fox," better known as General Francis Marion, who fought during the Revolutionary War. We didn't stop on the way down, but we went back and explored a little. We spent most of our time in Charleston and that area, found forts, toured Navy Museum (got to go on a tour of a submarine used during WWII) and toured gardens and went on a ghost tour! Another thing I like to do is find yarn stores and get something fun from the spot. Today, again on Twitter, I saw an article that talks about Bookstores and the ones that are the best in every state. The one for Ohio is not far from where I live and we could go there one day when we go to see the zoo or museum. They even have a great LYS up there that is fun to explore. I even live close enough to Kentucky and Indiana to even try and check out their premiere book sellers. I will keep track of this list since I never know when we will go somewhere and I can take the list with me and maybe check them out, too!

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