21 March 2017

COSI, Veteran's Park, Cincinnati Zoo

My husband and I like to go and explore and be outside when the weather permits. Before the weather changed, it was good time to go places. I went to Kentucky for an errand and went to the Northern Kentucky Veteran's Park. Prominently was a plaque commemorating the service of Alvin Charles Poweleit, MD. I had worked for him and his son when I was in college. He was a great man and I loved working for him.

He served as a medical officer with a tank group out of Kentucky and was sent to the Phillipines. He was then forced to March in the Bataan Death March. He wrote books about his life and times and I know that NKU library has one of them. I know that he gave these books to many libraries, I just don't know who has one still. I did borrow the book from NKU library and read it. It was very interesting how much he had survived.

Then my girls and I went down to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. They have lots of babies and I know that it will be a lot of fun to explore as the weather improves and the babies are more visible. Right now there are some special babies getting lots of special attention, but we were only able to see the Malayan Tiger Cubs (I keep wanting to call them Malaysian). They are so cute and they were cuddled with a big stuffed lion. When the care takers came in to feed the babies, they brought the "Nanny Dog." It is interesting that people are donating monies to help for the special care of Fiona (the preemie baby hippo) and the baby tiger cubs are also getting lots of special around the clock care, too.

After that, the girls and I began working on their practice for making items for a Teen Bake Off. They did really well and I was there to help, but not to make for them. They needed to learn how to do this all on their own. They did really well. My oldest made a colorful cake and icing and covered it with fondant so she could make a fondant snake climbing the cake. My youngest made Tiger Cookies (recipe available on Hershey's site). My middle volunteered to work the Bake Off, she loves to volunteer and work with the adults.

The next day, we took the girls and went to COSI, they have a new exhibit called Mind Benders Mansion and they loved it. We wondered around all the other areas and watched Rat Basketball and everybody laughed because the female rat, Ivy, would go through the hoop with the ball, while the male rat, would just drop the ball through.



What have you been up to lately? Anything fun? Are you on Spring Break or is it later in the month?

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