31 March 2017

Quirky Hats

I love hats. I love to make them and give them away. My kids love them, too and they like quirky ones. Hats are good to have many. They can be worked on in the summer (small project and won't cover you) and they can be carried everywhere. They can be simple or very intricate. You can show your skill or style. What kind of hats do you like?

  1. Easy Peasy Panda Hat
  2. Punky's Funky Hat NEW!
  3. The quirky hat you absolutely need for Easter
  4. Unconventional Aviator Hat Inspired by Amelia Earhart
  5. Kitty Cat Beanie Hat
  6. Bob the Square Sponge Hat NEW!
  7. Crazy Colorful Circus Scrap Hat
  8. Mario-Inspired Hat Pattern
  9. Quirky Foxy Fun Hat Everyone just adores this
  10. Watermelon Baby Easy Hat
  11. One-of-a-Kind Joy-Inspired Hat Pattern
  12. Eccentric Crochet Beanie Such an original pattern
  13. *M A G I C A L* Unicorn Hood
Most of these hats are for tots or babies. Mostly because babies and little kids will wear the fun hats, while adults and teens tend to avoid them. 

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