09 March 2017

2nd Week of Lent

I am trying to read a few books (aka finish) and some have some have to be returned quickly, so no renewals. I am still reading the Bible, not daily, but trying to read a few days at a time, to catch up and maybe even finish early. It helps that a friend started a page where we could share what we are reading and where we are talk about our own take of what we are reading. A few of us are reading beginning to end, and that helps, too.

I am still working on the 40 bags. I am a little ahead, but I did some research and found a place that will come and get my treadmill and sell it. I don't have to try and get it out and haul it somewhere, they will pick up. The problem still exists that we have a trampoline and a see saw and since children could get hurt on them, no one will take those items. Really? Children will get hurt on stairs, a chair and a table! They can get hurt walking on a sidewalk. If you use the item as it was meant to be used, there is less chance of injury, but it you abuse it or use it improperly, you can get hurt! I understand why you can't take baby items (car seats, baby beds, etc), they are recalled too much for someone to be certain. I can take that apart and put it in the recycling or take to a recycling center and get a few paltry dollars for it.

Still working on cleaning out the emails. I get a little ahead on the Yahoo as I cancelled the emails going to it (pattern links), but I get behind on the Gmail as that grows daily, but I try to look at some and delete, but when I can only look at it on my phone, I really can't decide as easily. I will try to work on it a little at night while the kids are not doing school work.

Getting a bad grade inspired a man to get a change made to the Constitution. I saved this for my girls as I think that this is a great story. Now to get them to read it....

These 2 are for IPods, IPads, IPhones, etc. Apple listening. Sorry, but they are worth listening if you get a chance.
8 Bookish Podcasts
Literature Lab - I just listened to Why Read? and it was a great talk about reading and how to make reading classics fun.
Homeschool Pi Day Activites
E-Learning on Auschwitz

Log Cabin Arrow Afghan
Foxy Baby Blanket
Mermaid Lap Blanket
Cables and Blocks Afghan
Giant Hooded Bunny Blanket
Embossed Crochet tutorial

Crochet Muppet Glasses Holder they are adorable.

Cat Toy

Basic Baby Booties
Lightning Fast Baby Hats - these are suggested for hospitals, new borns, NICUs.
All in One Baby Hat
Bavarian Rainbow Baby Afghan
Krister Booties
Monsters Inc Baby Hat

Water Bottle Bag
Book Bag

Boot Cuffs:
Seed and Cable Boot Cuffs

Braided Cables Infinity Scarf
Braided Cable Cowl
Periwinkle Infinity Lace Scarf
Water Lilies Cowl
Arrowhead Lace and Cable Scarf
Seifenblasen Lace Scarf
Falling Leaves Scarf

Traveling Cable Hand Warmers
Swedish Style Knit Mittens
Bella's Mittens

Adult Beanie
Rib Braid Headband
Arctic Sunset Cable Hat
Anna Hat
Joy Hat
K1 P1 Hat fun hat for knitters
Sweetie Pie Hat
Tropical Twist Hat
Swedish Style Knit Hat
Secret Garden Hat
"Deathly Hallows" Beret

Essential Draft Dodger
Kitty Egg Warmers - great use of scrap yarns and just for fun, covers of eggs.
Country Charm Dishcloth
Peach Crochet Potholder
Crocodile Stitch Roll Up Flower
Heart Placemats
Christmas Tree Candy Cane Holder

Unique Lace Wrap
Merlot Hooded Cape
It's Just Triangle Shawl
Prism Shawl
Lost in Time Shawl

Pound Puppy Slippers - super cute slippers for littles feet.
Knee High Boot Socks
Darling Lace Socks
Crochet Flip Flops - I have a friend who makes and sells these in her etsy account. These and cat hats are very popular.
Slipper Sandals

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