03 March 2017

Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday and Lent

This week, Lent begins. Many people follow very restrictive diets, giving up sugar treats, cleaning house (the 40 bag Challenge, where you try to fill up 40 bags for trash or donation) or giving up things that they enjoy doing. They might even give up something that they do, like cursing. It is interesting to see what people give up. My father will give up meat on Fridays and eat Fish all through Lent, sometimes even longer. Right now I am in spring cleaning mode and I will most likely fill up bags to trash, donate or sell (in the spring). I have some things that need to be sold (like a trampoline and a see saw) and things that we will donate (like clothing that the girls outgrew) and trash....things that just aren't any good any longer. I clean a small area and move onto another and keep moving around. I am also going to clean out emails, finish WIPs and a friend asked for a donation for her cub scout and his troop, so I will be going through my yarn and figuring out a nice donation (not something I don't want, but something I want, but don't have time to work with or haven't laid hands on in awhile). What are you going to do for Lent?

Optical Illusion Square
Happy Harlequin
Freesia Square
Tiki Sunset Lapghan

X-Stitch Market Bag

Classic Stocking

Eve's Scarf
Parallel Lines Cowl
Laura's Loop Trellis Scarf
Crocodile Cowl

Knit Peeps

Sunset Stripes Mittens

Flame Hat and Armwarmers
Simple Textured Messy Bun Hat - the "in" hat right now.
Winter Cable Knit Hat
Katherine Hat
Daisy's Clothe Hat - more of a sun hat. I have girls who would love this.

Reflective Bike Helmet Cover
Reflective Cowl
Reflective Cowl and Beanie
Reflective Ear Warmer

St. Patrick's Day:
Four Leaf Clover
St. Patty's Boot Cuffs
Lucky Leprechaun Hat
Irish Shamrocks Afghan
Minty Morning Headband
St.Patrick's Day Cloths
Mystic Forest Shawl - gorgeous!
Celtic Cables Wrap - I love this one.

Lazy Day Knit Socks - I may have saved this before, many times, but I like to make socks and will always save a pattern.
Cloud 9 Slippers - these are made with blanket yarn and that yarn is super soft!

Yarn Art:
Cushion CAL - what pulls up is part 2, there is a part 1 and it is a very fun pattern that can be used as home decor. It is also art.

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