04 March 2017

Some with Amigurumi

I love going through my emails and finding some fun patterns. I also am partial to making toys or amigurumi. I like those more than the traditional baby clothes or afghans. What do you really like to make? 

  1. Star Wars Amigurumi  These are the droids you're looking for
  2. Adorable Spring Bunnies 
  3. Too-Cute Huggy Koala  NEW!
  4. Springtime Amigurumi Doll 
  5. Crochet Baby Penguin Amigurumi
  6. My Little Banana Monkey
  7. Cookie Monster Critter NEW!
  8. Hershey Kiss Amigurumi
  9. Cheerful Spring Easter Bunny
  10. Bouncy Bunny Amigurumi Fave!

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