26 March 2017

Weekend Again, Lock In for Kids, Anniversary Celebration

The weekend has returned and my washing machine has developed a leak and we need someone to come and help my husband so he can fix it. We called my brother-in-law and he will come up to help tomorrow. My girls are going to a lock in and my husband and I will have a date. It is good to have time alone with him. I continue to read the Bible and I am ahead of the plan, and that is good since I can fall behind quickly. It only takes a day where I spend most of it driving for me to fall behind. I try to read in the morning before too much starts to happen, but there are times where I get up and have to start moving and doing. Weekends are for cleaning and it looks like this week will be one where I have to constantly do laundry, in order to catch up with what is sitting unable to be done, since the washer is not working.

A few weeks ago, we brought an exercise bike into the house and it has seen a lot of use, by the kids, too. They get on it a few times a day. I am glad for that because it helps them to focus a little more on their work.

My emails continue to grow. I still need to find time to work on them, but I really need to finish things. So I work a little on them and a lot on the WIPs and the daily chores of life.

Topographical Maps
Fossil Facts and Finds
Math in Real Life
US Map Redrawn for Population

1 Hour Stroller Blanket
Bricklayers Lace Baby Blanket

My Little Pony
Sabrina's Amigurumi

Animal Knits/Crochets:
Crochet Cat Bed
1 Skein Pet Bed
Crochet Car Blanket
Dog Snood
Cheeky Mice
Mock Turtleneck Sweater for Cats

On the Go Bag
Out and About Bag
Chinese Waves Pouch
Soho Gold Leaf Clutch

Wide Triangle Scarf
Honeymoon Cowl - colorwork
Shelter Valley Cowl
Chinese Fans Infinity Scarf
My First Wave Cowl
Summer Dream Scarf and Shawl
Once Around Cowl
Lightning Fast Lattice Cowl
Mead Scarf
Vanilla Scarf
Shelton Cowl

Women's Norwegian Mittens - Fair Isle Work
Wicker Swedish Style Mittens - matching hat below.

Honeymoon Beanie - gorgeous! The web page is both English and French.
Feathered Arrow Headband
Aurora Borealis Beret
Happy Hearts Hat
Spring Shadows Hat
Twilight Rose Beanie
Viking Helmet Hat
Spiral Rib Cap
Wicker Swedish Style Hat - matching mittens above.
Gina Messy Bun Hat - current fashion.

Home Decor:
Cat Paws for Chairs
Celtic Dream Basket
Color Block Crochet Basket
Toy Basket
Cable Stitch Basket - the creator uses for holding crochet hooks and I think if it were a little taller, that would be perfect for all of my hooks, too.
Floor Basket

Just for Fun or Travel:
Travel Jewelry Pouch
Car Pillow
Flower Key Chain
Travel Blooms - to attach to luggage when traveling

Stained Glass Dishcloth
Crochet Swiffer Cover
Sun Catcher Dishcloth

Wild Garden Knit Shawl
Triangle Shawl
Perfectly Elegant Shawl
Evening Shadows Shawl

Double Bubble Socks
Starlight Women's Slippers
Toe Up Gingko Socks

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