22 March 2017

Working on WIPs

I have been trying to work on my WIPs, when the time allows, but I had to tear one out and start over. It was just too heavy, especially for a baby. I need to make it lighter, so I went for bigger needles (this project has been difficult as it is all white and started during my mom's year long illness and the needles were broken and had to be replaced). It is going faster, since the needles are bigger. It also cannot leave the house, because the color is white, so I can only work on it when I am at home and not liable to get up and down....lots of stitches. I also found another WIP and started working on that a little here and there. So many WIPs, so little time. I am bound and determined to finish all these WIPs before I start anything new. I don't mean I won't work on small projects that can be worked on anywhere, I just want to finish all the big ones before I start another big project. What are some of your WIPs? I have a friend who says she has a couple of WIPs that are in time out, because she is mad at them. Do you have any like that?

I like to make shawls and I have another friend who makes gorgeous shawls using sock or fingering yarn. She likes those as she can buy one skein of something fabulous and make one whole lace shawl. I have one of her shawls and they are wonderful. My girls love it, too. I was recently thinking about wedding ring shawls. That is where the shawl when finished can pass through a wedding ring. I would love to make one of those and put it away for my girls for when they get married. Then I think I would have to make three! Yikes! My girls are worth it! Do you have someone that is worth all the effort of special work? I have a few. I have my husband, girls and my sils and my Maryland nieces.

Student Liked TED Talks

Lace Cable Afghan I wonder what this would look like with a colorful yarn or multi colored yarn.
Fall Romance Throw - Love the look of this one.
Cat and Mouse Throw
Zodiac C2C Afghan
Granny Afghan

Cuddly Crochet Bear
Cuddly Crochet Caterpillar
Cuddly Hedgehog
Manatee or Sea Cow

Crocodile on the Beach Bag
Chevron Market Bag

Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornaments

Island Lace Scarf
Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf
Bandito Cowl aka Southwestern Cowl
Snake Scarf - I have made this scarf a few times for my girls. They love it and we use all kinds of colors.

Radiant Rose Mandala

Easter Baskets

Bat Mitts

Little Lindy's Aviator Hat
Baby Kitty Hat
Madly in Love Hat

Ripple Potholder
Not Your Mum's Hotpad
Dutch Skies Potholder
Pot Handle Cover for those of us who still have a cast iron skillet.
Milk and Cookies Hotpad

Unforgettable Top Down Shawl
Be So Bold Ombre Gradient Lace Shawl
Amazing MItred Shawl - gorgeous!

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