24 January 2017

Winter, Spring, Winter, Spring

It has been an interesting few weeks, with the weather. It starts out cold and we might see some snow, not enough to sled, but enough to look a little pretty. Then it warms up and is raining. Glad that it was warm and rain and not cold and snow. It would have been so very deep.

I am currently working on cold sheeping again, more to make room for those gorgeous Caron Cakes. I love the colors and the feel of the cakes. I know that I have to be careful and not make anything for a few friends of mine as they are allergic to wool, but that is easy enough. I also know that there are many out there who do not like the Cakes. That is personal preference. I also know that there are people out there buying the Cakes at great prices and selling them for outrageous prices. I won't spend that kind of money. I will wait and buy a little here or there as I find colors that I like. I am making hats and scarves for my family (and by that I mean my in-laws and my girls). They have chosen colors that they like and now I just need to work on them. I have finished a blanket and a shawl. The blanket was for my middle girl and the shawl is for me. I get so cold at night and just need things to wrap up in so I can work on the other WIPs that I want to get finished. I work on things a little at a time.

I finished a fair few books for the year so far. I am on track with the Bible reading. I read a little ahead and then work on something else. I have also been on the hunt for a pattern for some yarn that I want to use up and I think I found something to work on.

With my sister-in-law in town I learned that in her area, Virginia and Maryland, you have to bring your own bags to the store every time as the store will charge you five cents a bag. So I am going to hunt up some good bag patterns to make her some bags for shopping so she can save some money. I live in Ohio and shop in both Ohio and Kentucky. We don't have to carry bags with us and we don't have to pay for bags. The only store that I have to have my own bags for is Aldi. I have many bags in my car and I use them and then put them back in my car. I have had to write my name on the bags as I have had some woman argue that the bags were hers and that I was taking them from her. I also need to replace some of my bags as they are falling apart. I have had them for quite some time and I do tend pack heavy.

New Favorite Afghan
Brown and Gray Lapghan
Tropical Pineapple Square
Blushing Cables Crochet Throw
Cherry Wine Afghan
Optical Illusion Square
Irish Lace
Cat Lady Afghan - One of my girls would love this, a great deal.
Squaring Big Circle....with Tutorial
Prince Protea Granny...with Tutorial
Peppermint Mocha Square
16 Circles Square
Granny Mini Octagons
Sophie Universe - I love how this uses colors.
Magic Poinsettia Granny
Fish Scales Tunisian Throw
Double the Fun Reversible Throw
Arrowhead Afghan
Log Cabin Arrow Throw
Mitered Granny Square
Granny Chevron Blanket
Joyous Squares - NEW to the blog and they are beautiful!
Swirling Fans Crochet Lace
Striped Spirals Throw
Full Bloom Granny...with tutorial
Blooming Hexagon
Darrell's Hexagon
Blushing Cables

Crabby Patsy
American Girl Lace Dress
Dolls of Many Nations Hawaii Dress
Lalaloopsy Doll Shoes
Starlight Hand Doll

Silly Spider Hat - for anyone who really follows....this is NEW. I have not posted this before and I think it is fun.
Fluffy Meringue Baby Afghan - Baby afghans can be increased to be lapghans or even more to be an afghan or throw for an adult or very tall teen.
Kitten Mittens for toddlers. They are adorable. This is also NEW for my blog.
Elephant Hat
Crochet Lion Lovie
Sesame Street Hats - super cute hats of the muppet characters.
Hat and Cocoon....Very Hungry Caterpillar
Besos Baby Blanket

Totes McGoats
Owl Coin Purse so many things to learn with this! Absolutely adorable.
Mesmerizing Mini Bag from Moogly Blog.

Holiday Bird Ornament - could be lots of fun for outdoor trees.
Spiral Crochet Ornaments
Santa Ornament uses kreink yarns....sparkly wire style yarns.
Holiday Cables Throw
Victorian Ornaments Afghan

Swiss Check Scarf
Winter Leaves Scarf
Regal Ruby Knit Scarf - super scarf....meaning very long and wide, but it can be adjusted, just read the pattern first.
Hooded Scarf
Braided Cables Winter Scarf
Irish Mesh Cowl

Beginner Thumb Mittens

Flower Texture Headband
Anna Hat
Shamrock Green Cable Knit Hat

Majestic Skies Shawl
Cinnamon Fling Wrap
Flamenco Shawl
Calypso Shawl
Razor Shell Lace Shawl
Mt Vernon Shawl

Men's Ribbed Socks
Cabled Slippers
Hybrid Slipper Socks

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