02 January 2017

New Year's Day and Onward

It is finally here. The New Year 2017. I hope that this New Year blesses all with good things. I know it has been a long year in the past, but it is time to start a New Day, a New Page. I have goals rather than Resolutions. I have a goal of reading the Bible in it's entirety. I have friends who have the same goal and we are going to work together towards that end and help each other get there. I have a goal to work on my emails every day and whittle them down, little by little. It helps that they are starting to show the same patterns repeatedly and I can just move through them, but I am hoping that my internet connection doesn't continue it's slow down. I may be in the house, but it acts like I don't have any at times. It moves really slow. As for the emails, I hope to get the number below 100 in the gmail and just continue to lower it in the yahoo, until none are left. It is nice that it isn't still growing there, but I still need to work on it and maybe have the goal of clearing a minimum of 5 and no maximum as there are days where I can clear more, while there are days where 5 will be a challenge.

I have a goal of finishing all my WIPs and getting other things started and learned and just keep moving through the work.

 I finished my middle child's Bandito Cowl that she asked for. I am glad that it is finished. She loves it. I can start working on another hat for her (she did like the one that I found for her) and get those gloves made so she can keep her hands warm. 

I am currently working on blankets. Since it is cold, they tend to keep me warm while I work on them. I know that it is nice, but the cats, do also. They like to get into the blankets while I am working on them and that calls a halt to the work. I need to get a new hat made for my husband. It seems that his old hats no longer fit. I could make a joke about swollen head, but I know that the old hats may have gone through the wash on too high a temperature and shrank (wool does that you know). 

What are some goals you have for the New Year? 


Amigurumi/Toys/Just for Fun:
Crabby Cat - Think I want to make a few of these. For my girls and for a friend and her girls. 

Crochet Organizer Caddy - something that would allow a person to keep books, pens, remotes on a chair. 

Rainbow Hat for kids

Christmas Love Heart Ornament - can be used for Valentine's Day, too. 
Crochet Nativity Set - I really think I need to make this for my sil. 
Balm Sock - a stocking that you can hang on a tree with chapstick in it. Fun gift for teens. 






I have achieved my goals so far, but then it is only the 1st few days of the new year. I need to work on things diligently from now on.

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