15 January 2017

Slow Sunday

Sunday here again and I am loving it. The girls and I are making a soup from scratch. My youngest and I set up another bird feeder, although I am thinking on the next non-rainy, warm day, we may move the feeder. I think we need a taller one for the location we chose, but we like to feed the birds and they still haven't found our locations yet. One location is getting some birds, just not all of them.

Last night, the girls and I experimented with a recipe that I saw on FB. While I didn't have all the ingredients, I had most of them and we were able to create something and it was so good that they couldn't get enough. We will definitely make this again.

Right now the internet is moving so very slowly and I am just working a little on the emails, but may quit and move onto actually knitting and finishing another WIP. Then I want to finish so many other things. I just want things to be finished and get them moved and replace the used up skeins with new Caron Cakes. I love those Cakes and I know many others do, too. They are fun to work with. I will continue to buy Red Heart and Lion Brand for things, mostly because I have friends who are allergic to wool and Caron Cakes have a small amount of wool and they cannot have them.

My next project is to use up some of the skeins that I don't have enough to make anything significant with.

Homeschooling with EEME - free online lessons for science and electronics.
The Wonders of Mathematical Crochet
Links for Dishcloths

Snuggler Blanket
The 60s Mod Throw
Treasure Island Throw
Amish Multicolor Throw
Sampler Throw - this is one of my favorites.
Dresden Plate Throw - very cool.
Stained Glass Motif Afghan
Shady Grove Blanket
Eugene Throw
Cotton Sofa Throw

Knit Lifeline Pocket Purse - big enough for a phone, some money, keys, but not much else.

Boot Cuffs:
Sweet Scallops Boot Cuffs

Textured Cowls
Over the Rainbow Cowl
Fire Engine Scarf - for a man
Quick Knit Kerchief - Middle Child style

2 Hour Fingerless Mittens

Dimpled Eyelet Hat
Mini Brim Hat - my middle said this is kinda her style. I love that "kinda," since she kinda wants it but just got one.
Scrapbuster Hats - all sizes.
Basic Ribbed Hat
Steinway Ribbed Hat
Pokemon Pokeball Beanie - Oldest would love this

Coffee Coasters
Wise Owl Cozy
Praying Hands Dishcloth
Crochet Swoofer - swiffer cover made with crochet

Across the Galaxy Shawl
Southern Sky Shawl

Cloud 9 slippers uses blanket yarn. So this will work up fast and will be mega warm.

Lazy Day Pullover
Cabled Forest Sweater - For women (or men) who are not yet married, don't make this until you are married, remember there is the Sweater Curse. But I am married and this would look wonderful on my husband and I know that he would wear it all the time. Don't be surprised if I print this and stash a lot of yarn to make this for him when he is at work, a surprise just for him.

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