19 January 2017

Time to Start for Christmas

Once Christmas is over and the New Year has past, it is time to begin working on the new Christmas. My girls and husband love to decorate for Christmas, but we have cats, plural, cats. We have 2 that would be thought of as bush cats, they don't climb and they wouldn't climb a tree. Then we have 2 cats that would be thought of as tree cats and, yes, they would climb a tree. I know this because one year, after we got the first tree cat, he climbed the tree taking it down. I had put some very old ornaments, and very fragile, on the tree. They broke when the tree came down with the cat on it. Now, we have two tree cats and I haven't put up a tree since then. I have purchased small trees for my girls and the youngest cat, chewed through the wires and now they won't light up. Every year, I try to make a few little things that my girls can put on their trees and now they are decorating outside as well. So, I really need to save "Christmas" things to make, especially for my special girls.

Little Gift Card Stocking - I know it says gift card, but I think it would be fun to put candies in them (wrapped) and put them on the trees for the kids in the neighborhood.
Christmas Tree Garland - I have a few trees in the yard, that the girls could put this on and they would love it for their trees.
Christmas Angel - I can remember my Grandmother making ornaments for the trees. They were fun and lovely and well made and I wish that when I was younger I had taken an interest in learning how to make them with her. Her's were made using yarn and plastic and counted cross stitch. She was so talented.
Christmas Baubles - this is a tutorial and they are to look like old fashioned glass ornaments.
Christmas Snowman Sack - I want to make a lot of these and stuff them with fun small things for little ones to hand out at a party.
Winter Snowflake Garland - this is just as pretty as the Tree Garland and would look fun anywhere.
Santa Gnome Ornaments
Starry Night Stocking
Santa Gift Card Holder
Mini Christmas Knits
Holiday Drawstring Bag
Cone Christmas Trees
Candy Cane Reindeer
Christmas Wreath Ornament
Textured Topiary Tree - can be made different colors and then set out any time of the year, but could be fun for Christmas in different colors.

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