06 January 2017

A New Year is A New Book

I saw a meme that says that each New Year is a new book, each day a new blank page, what are you going to write?

What am I going to write? So far, I have had the girls clean out their closets, collecting all the clothing that they won't wear, is too small, but in still good condition. We will start with a clean closet. We will start by donating the clothing so that others can get some use out of it. I am going to continue my goals, Bible reading, Finishing WIPs, and Organizing the house and also cleaning out the emails. I got a good start and I want to continue that.

I am going to continue reading. I finished a few books that I had started last year or years before. I am motivated. I will continue to keep the kids busy and away from the house and the tv/wii games. I think when we get closer to the end of the week, maybe weekend, we might wander to the zoo and explore and see what animals are allowed to enjoy the cold. It is fun to see how different the zoos are when winter comes and when the weather warms up, what is allowed back out into the sun and rain.

I have been having issues with my arthritis. The pain has caused me some serious headaches and at times made walking a torture. Some I know has to do with how I have to hold my head to read on the computer and a very severe car accident injury from my 20's. I think I may petition husband for a desktop computer so that I don't have to tilt my head. The other has to do with the fact that when I was in my 20's I fell and broke my hip, this went untreated (I had really horrible doctors and they blew me off) and then when I had my first baby I had back labor (star gazer) and labored with her for over 30 hours, all in my hips.

I still have my goals, I just need to work on the email goal, but maybe not today. I have to get in the groceries, do laundry, clean the house, do dishes, cook a meal and then have something special with my girls since my husband is working again tonight. He is a good man and a good provider. Love him more today than I did 17 years ago. Yep, our 1st date anniversary is coming up. We will have been together for 17 years. God gave me a good man and I am grateful for him everyday.

Star Blanket for Babies

Cloudwalker Easy Scarf
Mohawk Wool Leaf Scarf
Liquid Teal Scarf
Bonfire Lace Scarf
Rainbow Mood Scarf
Mauve and Mustard Scarf
Mystic Waves Infinity Scarf

Hats/Ear Warmers:
Easy Messy Bun Beanie
Messy Bun Hat - this is becoming the thing for women with longer hair and don't want it out the edges of the hat.
Quick Fix Hat
Cosmic Flapper Hat
Easy Ear Warmer

This is not my favorite thing to make, but I keep seeing patterns that I like and think I would like to try just once to make a sweater for myself or my wonderful husband or even a close friend.
Timeless Cabled Sweater
Purple Sweater
Big Comfy Sweater
Knit Blanket Sweater
Modern Icelandic Sweater
Wonderwool Sweater
3 Square Sweater
Oversized Sweater
Lacy Dolman Sweater
Birthday Cardigan

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