26 January 2017

Hats, Hats, Hats!

Hats are a great project. They are quick, simple (sometimes) or complex, fun, colorful, plain, and can be anything the person wants or needs. They are small and easy to transport and easy to work on anywhere. They are even good for working on while out and about in the summer months. I love hats. I love to make them and my kids love to wear them. What do you like to make?

Burgundy Breeze Cable Hat
Blushing Beret
Shamrock Cable Hat
Mommy and Me Hats
Seamless Fair Isle Hat
Glitter Blizzard Hat
Classic Ear Flap Hat
Baby Hat it is also pinky shorts and other things to make a set.
Chemo Cap
Sunset Beanie
Cat Ear Hat
North Shore Hat
Sloping Roads Hat
Chunky Cable Hat
Five Pillars Hat
Katherine Hat
Winter Warrior Ear Flap Hat
Favorite Winter Set Hat
Favorite Textured Knit Hat
Dad Hat
Child Ear Flap Hat
Cable Knit Pixie Hat
Radiant Orchid Pom Hat
Crocodile Stitch Capuche Hood
Wintry Rose Hat
Great Gatsby Cloche
Anthro Inspired Hat
Effortless Chic Crochet Beanie
Butterfly Pearl Scallop Hat
Lolly Poms Ribbed Beanie
Earflap Hat
Baby Beanie
Unconventional Aviator Hat
Peppermint Kisses Beanie
Snowy Ridges Hat

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