14 January 2017

Some of the Finished Projects

I mentioned that I have been working on WIPs and I had to rush a hat for my husband (due to the extreme cold and he walks about 1/2 mile a night in that cold to get to the door of his work).

 We are still learning to sew and this was our first attempt at a doll and the cat likes it, but it might be helped along with the cat nip inside. 

The hat that I made for my husband. The yarn is Caron Cakes and the color was chosen by him. He likes it. 

My middle daughter's blanket, using colors she chose. Interesting fact, the darker colors are from Michael's Arts and Crafts and the lighter Red White and Boom (blue) came from JoAnn Fabrics. 

My middle daughter's bandito cowl. Caron Cakes color chosen by her. 

This was chosen by my husband, for me to make him a hat, but the yarn was just too thick and I didn't have the right needles. I turned it into a cowl that my middle wears once in awhile. 

Hat for my middle using Caron Cakes (2 different strands). 

Dragon Scale Mitts (cheap yarn from Michael's) chosen by oldest. 

Day of the Dead Scarf using Caron Cakes Chosen by my youngest. 

Dragon Scale Mitts using yarn from my stash, chosen by my youngest. 

Caron Cakes, Dragon Scale Ear Warmers, for my oldest, chosen by her. 

Dragon Scale Ear Warmers using Caron Cakes as chosen by my youngest. 

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