15 January 2017

Mother Nature is Menopausal

This week has been interesting with the weather. It has been very cold and we had some snow on the ground and then it got very warm and we had a thunderstorm and lots of rain. I saw someone else write that Mother Nature was Menopausal and I have to agree. It has been a roller coaster with the weather. We had warnings for an ice storm. If you were far enough southwest and north you saw ice, closer to where I am and south, you saw rain, rain, more rain with some freezing on elevated surfaces (as I tell my girls, the reason those freeze is that the cold air is going over and under).

Just for Fun: I found (by reading on FB and following links) The Crochet Crowd's Mikey Magazine which is full of fun things all crochet.

We were watching the Harry Potter movies and the girls and were discussing this dessert and I found two recipes that we would want to try.
Aunt Petunia's Pudding
Aunt Petunia's Pudding

10 Indoor Science Projects
Dolly Parton Books for Littles - this is a great program to get books into hands of children.
Free Kindle Books
Required Reading Around the World

Ten Stitch Knitted Zig Zag Throw
Spiral Lapghan
Jacob Ladder Afghan
Windchime Afghan
Think Spring Afghan
Blue Boyfriend Blanket

Four Winds Hat
Herringbone Slouch Hat
Cabled Slouch Beanie
320 Stars Headband
Arctic Sunset Cabled Hat
Montera Slouch Hat
Pink Quick Knit Beanie
Jester Hat
Frozen Olaf Hat
Knit Beanie

Burgdorf Cowl
Misty Cowl
Mosaic Cowl
Biased Opinion Scarf
Paintbox Scarf
Stormy Lace Cowl

Baby Doll Dress
Dolly and Me Poncho
Frozen Anna Cape
Crochet Ruffle Dress
Links for Dolls and Accessories

Traveling Cable Hand Warmers
One Skein Lace Mitts
Amazing Animal Mittens

Tutorial for a shawl - this is in a different language, but saved because I may be able to figure it out.
Striped Shawl
Day to Date Time Shawl

Toe Up Gingko Socks
Geranium Knitted Slippers
Crocodilly Mocs
Knitted Elf Slippers

Eleni Cozy Cardigan
Men's Knit Sweater
Eloise Girls Sweater
Center Fan Pullover

Caterpillar Cuddle Buddy
Rainbow Fishing Game

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