01 February 2017

Hump Day!

Yep, I am celebrating hump day. Wednesday for me is when I get a little break from my kids (leave them work to do and check that it gets accomplished or they don't get what they want....Teen Cafe). I meet up with friends a local fast food place and we have our own private SNB (Stitch and B.tch) or Knitter Knatter. We work on projects, play show and tell and talk. Talk about all things that are happening. It is a time where we are with others and we get to converse with others and have someone listen to us and hear our problems and help us and support us as we go through our days. It is a time to celebrate the good things in our lives and laugh over the things that weren't funny at the time, but we are laughing about now. It is a time that we all look forward to. I belong to a group at a church, but it seems that getting to the program has been difficult as it seems to land at the same time as my husband's Men's Breakfast, but my girls are getting older and we can leave them home alone. I miss those ladies. It is good to see them and be with them. I need to make some things for them for their program, but I actually just didn't get too many things made recently and just trying to work on a few things and finish them is my plan.

Something to think about...how the debt of our country increases daily: US National Debt Clock

On the homeschool front, I found this on FB and really need to save for my kids....Interactive Periodic Table. I printed them each a copy and they groaned as if I had given them something terrible, but it is actually fun and when they finally looked at it, they had some fun with it.

Spiral Lapghan
Around the World Tunisian Throw - Entrelac - Crochet
Temperature Afghan - the colors...you use whatever stitch works for you for the afghan.
Traditional Cable Knit Afghan
Mermaid Lap Blanket - the hot new thing.
Sofa Throw

Hearty Giraffe
Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs
Love Monster

Rainbow Happy Fun Pouch

Stagger Stitch Cowl
Eve's Scarf
Sweet Valentine Cowl
Cable Lace Super Scarf - gorgeous!
Origami Falls Cowl - I have some yarn that I want to use up (cold sheeping again) and I love how this looks.
A Very Braidy Cowl
Horseshoe Fern Cowl
Botanical Cowl
Rainbow Diamonds Infinity Scarf

Cables Mittens
Mad Men Mittens
Eleanor Roosevelt Mittens
Ombre Mittens
Doug Fir Mittens
Four Needle Mittens
Dog Day Mittens
Seed Stitch Mittens
City Mittens
Ribbonberry Mitts

Nightmare Yarn Hat It is a pretty hat but the yarn is different.
Azure Hat with Cables
Benefaction Hat
Stacked Shells Headband
Happy Hearts Hat
Be My Valentine (Baby) Hat
Spiral Rib Cap
Azure Cable Knit Hat
Chevron Knit Hat
Celtic Beauty Beret - ooh very pretty.
Fisherman's Rib Beret with Picot Brim
Basic Bulk Beanie

Motifs for Lunch can be joined together to be placemats
Radiant Rose Mandala Doily
Kiss Me Candy Dishcloth
Knitted Heart Placemat
Free Hearted Dishcloth

Pumpkin Spice Shawl
Easy Dreamy Shawl
Pineapple Peacock Shawl
Heirloom Shawl
True Blue Shawlette
Elegant Evening Shrug

Black Hearted Socks
Slippers Tutorial
Rainbow Sherbert Socks
Basic Crochet Socks

I feel the need to say something about colors, when I first learned how to cross stitch (aka Counted Cross Stitch), my friend who was teaching me said that color listings are a suggestion, you can change the colors and have fun with it. The same holds true with these patterns. You can change the type of yarn (say it lists Lion Brand and you want to use Red Heart) as long as the weight matches. You can change the colors so that it is something you like. Have fun with the patterns and fun with the colors and enjoy the making of things. Don't ever let someone destroy your love of knitting, crochet, sewing or cross stitch (or anything I haven't listed). If someone says horrible things about what you made, don't ever make them anything ever again. Continue to make and create and give to people through charities, they are more worthy of your gift than the person who says horrible things about what you made.

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