07 February 2017

More Warm Weather....Tornadoes in February

Went to my sister-in-law's house for Super Bowl and it was a great time. Plenty of food and great people and my dad went along and had a good time. He got to watch the game and visit with many other people and see his granddaughters two days in a row. He was cheering for the Falcons and I was cheering for the Patriots, my husband was cheering for the Falcons and said, "Looks like it is finished. Falcons are going to win." He he he...Pats Won! We finished listening to the game on the trip home, as it was so late and we needed to go home so we could get some rest since the day had to start early for us. The weather kept getting warm, Sunday was in the 40's, Monday was in the 50's and today, Tuesday, we are waiting on some serious weather. In fact, NOLA was hit by a tornado and they were unprepared. I am taking some time today to work on my email and get it cleaned out a little. It is hard to be online when there are 3 kids online for their school every day. When the evening comes I just want to be quiet and knit or crochet. I finished a shawl for myself and finished a couple of hats. I discovered that you can easily get 3 hats from one Caron Cake. I love the Caron Cakes and love the colors. My youngest picked out another Cake for herself and wants a hat and mittens from it. I need to finish up some other things and I think I will work on a blanket tonight and see if I can't finish it up.

Illuminations Blanket
Amish Star Afghan - free Ravelry download
Modern Rose Afghan
Log Cabin Throw
Simple Rainbow Chevron
Flirty Fan Throw
Fall Romance Throw
Shaded Diamond Afghan NEW to the blog and beautiful.
Quiet Country Garden Throw
Satellite Connection Afghan
Arches Square
Garden Patch Granny

Old Shale Lace Baby Hat
Square Dance Baby Blanket

Wintermint Socks
Folkways Christmas Stockings
Gift Bags
Wine Bottle Sweater
Festive Star Afghan
Nordic Holiday Centerpiece
Tiny Tree Ornaments - tree shaped ornaments.
Links for Last Minute Gifts
Cheery Christmas Noel Afghan
Peppermint Bliss
Poinsettia Tree Skirt

Orange Sorbet Cowl
Nordic Super Scarf

Licorice Twist
Falling Leaves Hat
Ice Fishing Hat (Newborn to Adult)
Cat Hat - these have become super popular with women who like to protest Trump. So if you sell what you make, these are sellers.
Messy Bun Hat - another item that has become "hot"

Sun Shawl - the site is originally French, but they translated as they went.
Shawlette Muguet
Land and Sky

Easy Socks

They are from the same Caron Cake and look fabulous.

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