03 February 2017

The Struggle is Real

We have Five pets. Yep, that number is correct. We have four cats and one dog. We had been discussing purchasing an electric blanket to have on hand for when we have one visitor who is cold while the rest of the visitors are comfortable. (What can I say, I am going through menopause and I know others who are there or coming up on it quickly.) I then plugged in the blanket to make sure that it worked and it became a hit with the cats, especially my newest rescue, Bill. I had thrown it over a chair and when I went to sit in the chair, I tossed the blanket onto the floor. Then Bill climbed into the center of the blanket. 

Later, I had folded the blanket up and put it where I thought (silly me) that it would be safe. That if a cat lay on it, it would be on top. Nope, here comes Bill, he is informing me that this is for him and I need to let him go where he wants with the blanket. 

We moved some furniture around and George....see below, decided he needed to go behind the couch and we got tired of having to rescue cats from behind the couch. We placed something in the area where the cat would climb back. He is determined to get behind that couch. He will stop at nothing to get there....even looking for any gap that he could fit through...he is a big cat, now. He was such a tiny kitten when we got him. 

Lily is our rescue dog, she is a sweet girl and well loved. She is 40 pounds of pure muscle and will pull people down when she is on a leash, but she is super careful around people who don't move well (aka people on walkers or in wheelchairs). She demands her fair share of loving from anyone she can. She loves to have her belly rubbed.
 Lucky, is a female rescue. She showed up in our back yard and it took a long time to get her to trust me and then she is my devoted cat. She stays wherever I am. She likes to sit on me when I sit somewhere she can sit on me. When I don't she stares at me and head butts me.
Bill, loves boxes and anything soft. So if you put a box on the floor and put something soft (like yarn) in it, he will sit. Remember the old saying, if it fits, I sits? That is my boy. 
This has started to happen more often. When I sit at night and put up my legs, I can expect 3 out of 4 cats to sit on my legs.

The last cat, is my rescue from the back yard also. He is black like his sister and has similar markings, but he is bigger than her. He talks to me. He walks around the house, saying, "Out." He wants to go in and out of the house. We keep telling him that he is an indoor only cat and that he cannot go out any longer. It seems that our area is getting more coyotes and the hawks have moved into our side yard. I love this bad cat, but he still wants to wonder outside. At night, he likes to sleep on my ankles. When I want to change positions, I have to wake up, pick him up and then change positions and then I usually tuck him into the bed covers with me. He purrs me to sleep. 

Best animals are those that are rescued. They love you through it all because they remember the cages and they remember their hard lives. They are loving and good company. Remember if you want an animal, don't shop, adopt. 

What kinds of animals do you have? 

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